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Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd Wanderlust Interview (Video)

Jennifer Aniston Talks "Sweet" Justin Theroux With Her Wanderlust Leading Man Paul Rudd

In the past 15 years, Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd have appeared together in three movies and one very well-known TV show — Friends — and this month, the longtime buddies will play a married couple in the comedy Wanderlust. We caught up with the costars today at the Beverly Hills junket for their new movie, where we talked about why they couldn't handle living on a commune like their characters, and to hear the story of how they first met. Jennifer also talked about their costar and her real-life boyfriend, Justin Theroux. She admitted that his all-black, biker style might strike some as a little bit "serial killer" at first, but she said she quickly learned he was the "nicest person in the world." Check out our interview and catch Wanderlust in theaters on February 24!

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first you think, "Oh, he could be like a serial killer." Right. We had a lot of fun improving certain things, 'cause we actually pulled stuff up from our history. So, you guys have worked together several times, have been friends years. Are there ways that that's a help and a hindrance when then you play a married couple? I'd say more of a help than...yeah. Big help. Yeah, I don't know there wasn't any hindrance. But it's nice that because we've known each other for such a long time that there's just an ease that just comes with like just each other and had shared history even though with my two completely different characters, the characters in the movie have been married for a while. They've known each other for in a while because we'd have in real life some thing I think just. Plays. We had a lot of fun improving certain things cause we actually pulled stuff up from our history. Oh, really? Like what? Yeah. Well, from the truth circle stuff. Yeah. Yeah. My friend had a [xx] but the reason we met was he dated my very best friends to this day. She's still my producing partner. And she had an occasional cafe what you meant. I see, which is referenced in the movie. And I waitressed at the occasional cafe. I went and ate at the occasional cafe. And you ate at the occasional cafe and it was occasional I see. Every once in a while, she'd invite people, we'd go, we'd sit on I heard about she'd put little chairs on her deck and we'd have our friend who would cook eggs, and pancakes [xx] the coolest thing. I like it. No. Obviously Jennifer, you guys are very comfortable with each other and you're in the terrible position of being caught in a love triangle between Paul and Justin in this movie. So, horrible. What was your first impression of Justin? As him, as Seth. Well, my first impression...I met Justin five years ago and I thought, woah, he's very [xx], always so sweet, very nice. I remember thinking that's a very dark you know, first you think, "Oh, he could be like a serial killer. "Right. But the nicest person in the world. And then I didn't recognize him as Seth when we were at the camera test 'cause I didn't, there was a lot going on, just there was a [xx] and there was no Justin there, but that's what's so, I think amazing about him, is that he So disappears. He has like such a cool look, i like that, I'm a fan of that. But you can where looks, like he can do the different looks like the, you know and he just disappears, so disappears. definitely. Now what's the one thing for you guys that you think would send you over the edge about commune living? You don't have a hard time...I don't know. I think bugs. bugs. You just know there's gotta be bugs and spiderwebs. You just said you love lyme disease. What's happening now? You know what? You can never pin me down. I'm sorry. I know I seem like a contradiction [xx] You just said you like leaves, twigs and ticks. I don't like ticks I was lying about to that... You did that poor lady? Yeah, when I told her that I love lyme disease. Here that's the truth, I really don't like lyme disease. I see Paul Rudd loves ticks. That'll be just be our headline.

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