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Jennifer Lawrence The Hunger Games Interview (Video)

Jennifer Lawrence on Josh Hutcherson's Rating of Her Kissing Skills and Hunger Games "Pressure"

Jennifer Lawrence says she felt immense pressure taking on the role of Katniss in The Hunger Games, and rightfully so. The book series already has a dedicated fan base of millions, and the role requires both physical stamina and emotional depth. We caught up with the actress at a recent press day for the movie in Beverly Hills to talk about the biggest challenge of bringing the character to life on the big screen and to get her reaction to Josh Hutcherson's recent rating of her kissing skills. She also divulged which scene in the movie touched her the most the first time she watched it. Watch our interview and don't forget to check in at 5:30 PDT today, when we'll be going live from the world premiere of The Hunger Games in LA!

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the stunt coordinator was like, everyone was like, "Everybody get back! Get back! You have to be at least a hundred feet back," and I was like, standing right in the middle of it like "What about me?" That's the first nice thing I've ever heard Josh say about me. I've got to imagine as an actress Katniss has to be an amazing role because it's physically demanding, emotionally challenging. What was the hardest part part of playing Katniss for you. Probably just the pressure of the fans. It's not very often that you play roles that are famous before you even get there. And was there something about the whole archery thing that was especially challenging, I know its a lot harder than people might imagine. Yeah, that was pretty fun, I had so much training beforehand and then and then I got there and the arrows weighed like two pounds and I was aiming all cool and I would shoot it and it just would go [xx]. Now how long did you guys actually train, I was talking to Josh and he said it was a pretty long process. He was on a special diet. I had a lot of training I did all my dieting and all of that stuff before the shoot so that I wouldn't have to diet and work. work at the same time 'cause that sucks. Yeah. Now I was reading a little bit too about the scene with the fire in the forest and that a lot of that was actually real and they enhanced it after the fact. It sure was. So what was that day on set like, besides hot, nerve-wracking. Because I was standing there and then the stunt coordinator, like, everybody, was like. Everybody get back, get back. You have to be at least a hundred feet back. And I was like standing right in the middle of it like what about me? and then I was like. I kept running the trail, because they wanted me to get it in my mind that this tree's going to explode, this tree's going to explode so this is your trail. And when trees aren't on fire its totally xx I was like running and I was like this is easy, c'mon light the place up. And I didn't realize that when the trees caught on fire they would explode and it would be a really loud annoyed, and I am like a Chihuahua where loud noises scare me more than anything. So they would call action, and I was like, screaming and got lost on my way down and didn't know which trees exploded and then they explode and I'd scream and it looked pretty pathetic. When you sat down and watched the movie for the first time Was there something that made a really big emotional impact on you to see onscreen? I loved Joshs monologue before we leave the night for that. for the games. Because being there with him I wasn't watching him kind of judging his acting. I was just you know thinking about myself. that was a joke but. and then actually seeing him give that monologue that was amazing. The other day he was asked to rate you as a kisser, he gave you a twelve out ten. Pretty good. Would you rank him similarly. Oh yes. That's the first nice thing I've ever heard Josh what was surprising about you getting to know him and work with him? I mean, how wise he is; he is like a thousand years old. he honestly is, it was like lunchtime in his trailer was like therapy session for me. I would just lay there and be like how should I run my life

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