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Jennifer Lawrence Quotes

Jennifer Lawrence's Best Candid Quotes

View in slideshow In 2012, Jennifer told Chelsea Handler  that she sometimes pees her pants:

"I pee when I get scared . . . and when I'm nervous. Like backstage, I just peed every three seconds. I think your staff thinks I have diarrhea. So I just want to clear that up: that was nerves, not diarrhea."
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We've already gone through the reasons Jennifer Lawrence would make the best BFF, but while we wait for that day to come, we can still enjoy all the awesomeness she shares with total strangers. Jennifer's sense of humor and laid-back attitude come through in interviews, where she keeps it real with quotes about fame, body image, her sexy costars, and even reality TV. Read some of Jennifer's most wise, witty, and profound one-liners from the past few years!

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