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Video: Jennifer Lawrence on Becoming Katniss For The Hunger Games!

Welcome to DistrictSugar! We're so excited to roll out five weeks of PopSugar TV specials leading up to the March 23 debut of The Hunger Games. We sat down with the cast and are bringing you exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at the making of the season's most anticipated movie. First up, let's take a closer look at Jennifer Lawrence's road to scoring the coveted role of Katniss Everdeen. Plus, see why Elizabeth Banks, Liam Hemsworth, and Josh Hutcherson think Jennifer makes the perfect Katniss. Don't forget, you can still win a trip to The Hunger Games premiere so enter now and enjoy our first DistrictSugar special!

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Hello, and welcome to District Sugar. Fans are eager to see Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen. Here's her story on scoring the part. When casting for The Hunger Games got underway last spring, rumors flew over who was gonna play 16-year-old District 12 tribute Katniss. I just can't afford to think like that. Rising stars Chloe Morris, Hailee Steinfeld, Emma Roberts, Emily Browning, and Shailey Woodley were just some of the many names being considered, but it was Jennifer who won over director Gary Ross. It was exciting as I was a huge fan of the books and then I met with Gary Ross and he was unbelievable. Jennifer quickly rose to stardom when she earned an Oscar nomination for her role in 2010's Winter's Bone, and her stunning red carpet appearance has made her one to watch. And after a sexy turn in X-Men: First Class, all eyes are on Jennifer, as she heads straight into the Games. How has your experience been with the Hunger Games fans so far? Good, it's been mellow. I mean it's Whenever anybody say, "Oh, I love the book." 'cause they can't say they love the movie 'cause it's not out. So, everybody, they're such a huge fan of the book. So I'm like, "Me, too." Is there any scene in particular that you're really excited to see? No, I don't really think that way. I think in scenes that I am dreading to see more. Alright what scene are you dreading to see? I can't say that 'cause then the whole movie everybody going to be like when is that scene. All the physical stuff is always hard because you do stunt training but then you're not, when in training I'm never thinking about my face, and then all of a sudden they do the scene and I look like an idiot because I'm making a weird face. So, I think the action stuff is always hard to shoot 'cause we have to act and stunt at the same time which I'm not any good at. How are your archery skills now? They're good. If somebody holds really, really still, I think I could kill them. Maybe. Maybe? From like, three feet away. Jennifer is sharing the screen with two hot guys, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson, who are getting just as much buzz as Jennifer herself and are poised to become Holllywoods next heartthrob. They just wanna good show that's all they want. They're hilarious, I don't really know how we got any work done, how we actually finished the movie, but they're some of my favorite people in the world. Were you involved in their casting at all? I was there to read with them. I wasn't like, "That one, that one, that one." Yeah, I think this movie's gonna sort of put Josh and Liam on the spot as heart throbs? Well, yeah. Outta here. And, you know, there are some amazing actors in this movie as well. How much do you get to work with like Woody Harrelson and Elizabeth Banks and Lenny Kravitz.. Yeah, I mean they were kind of working with those actors something that when you're working if that's the dream. I just love that. And in case there's any doubt left for fans, Jennifer's co-stars are singing her praises as the perfect Katniss. She's a tough person herself, and a strong person, and yeah I mean characters, courageous strong person, I think she is very much that in real life. She's someone who doesn't care too much about people like say a thing. She's gonna do her thing regardless and that's in a way kind of what Katniss is doing. And I love that we're all gonna be a little watch her come of age just like Katniss comes of age and sort of emerges as a heroine. actress is going to emerge as a true force. All the madness coming up, what are you most excited for? I'm excited to see it. I'm proud of it, and I'm excited for other people to see it. If you were going to the arena, representing your town, what outfit would you wear? Probably like jeans and sneakers, something I could like run away quickly in. Definitely not a dress.

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hanne555 hanne555 3 years
The movie is good, but the could ind a better, prettier and skinnier actress. I like Jenn, but she doesn't fit in this movie.
Lissa73 Lissa73 3 years
I am so excited for the movie. I hope it is better than Twilight. It is such a boring soppy story with poor plot. The Hunger Games is constantly action filled and carries a romance along the way.
Annie-Gabillet Annie-Gabillet 3 years
Great video! She's gorgeous.
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