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Jesse James and Kat Von D Are Engaged — Surprising or Not Shocked Anymore?

Kat Von D and Jesse James made a public display of their affections at Saturday's Art of Elysium Heaven Gala, and it turned out the duo had something more to celebrate than just the philanthropic cause. They're engaged, and Jesse confirmed the news today to People. He said:

"You know sometimes the public and press gets it wrong. This is one of those times. 2010 was actually the best year of my life because I fell in love with my best friend. An amazing woman who stood behind me when the world turned their backs. I have never met anyone so kind and loving and committed to making the world a better place every day. My love for her is beyond description. So honored that she said 'yes.' Growing old with her is going to be a f----n' blast!"

He and Sandra made their divorce official back in June, but it was still ranked as 2010's most shocking split. Jesse and Kat seem to have had a whirlwind romance, so tell us what you make of their plans to marry — are you surprised or not capable of being shocked anymore?

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jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
um, good luck with that lmao
pureperfection pureperfection 5 years
he seems interested on in woman with tattoos all over....
wassy988 wassy988 5 years
I adore Kat Von D, and think she is an amazing, intelligent, beautiful woman. I was surprised at her love and relationship with Jesse because of his past. However, I know that with all of that intelligence, she knows what she is doing. If anyone is a fan, you know that she takes every decision seriously and never moves without thinking and asking questions. I do not judge love or relationships. Although I worry about his ability to stay faithful to her, they have been friends for a long time, and hopefully after the year she has had, he will help her heal and provide her with the love and RESPECT she deserves. Maybe she is being too trusting of him, but that is her choice. I wish for nothing but the best for them, and for her in particular. I do not care one second about him because I think that what we have seen of him is disgusting. However, if she is happy, she is an adult woman who knows what she is doing. Judging her is the wrong move in my eyes.
Glamorme Glamorme 5 years
I'm shocked because I thought Kat was smarter than this, to get involved with such a public cheater so soon after the scandal; someone is not thinking about her image. Or perhaps she needs the publicity? Either way it doesn't shine a positive light on Kat. But if they're in love...good luck to them, I guess.
sunnyheart sunnyheart 5 years
Years from now, I think Sandy will also find 2010 was one of the best years of her life, too. She won an Oscar, became a mother, and got to move on to better things that are awaiting her. That said, I'm not so sure Kat Von D isn't better for JJ. I always think it's odd when a bare skinned person is paired with someone THAT inked... Kat at least shares a lifestyle.
Burkina Burkina 5 years
Holier than thou much? Get over it, people make mistakes. The most famous actress in the world is a notable husband stealer, Charlie Sheen tried to kill countless women, half of Hollywood leads double lives..
Epicdoodle Epicdoodle 5 years
"amazing woman who stood behind me when the world turned their backs" - urm she kinda had to stick by you, she had noone else, the world turned their back against her too, she was the home wrecking wh*re! "committed to making the world a better place every day." - AHAHA ok how exactly did she make this world a better place?! "Growing old with her" - LMAO pleeeeeeeeeeese like this relationship will ever last, before you know it hes of cheating on her with other trashy slut or shes of cheating on him with some married guy!! Anyways these two freak shows deserve each other!!
Frida83 Frida83 5 years
'The best year'?! Didn't he say after his split from Sandra that he was heartbroken and that he wanted to get back with her? And now here he is marrying someone so far from Sandra's league it's not even funny. And the press got it wrong how?! Is he saying he DIDN'T cheat on Sandra with that trashy girl? Come on, this is ridiculous...
tiabia tiabia 5 years
That statement is definitely insensitive...but, I wouldn't expect anything more from this guy, le yuck!
noonehere noonehere 5 years
the best year??? He is definitely a very sad lad!!
kurniakasih kurniakasih 5 years
Is this Missus no.4?
catita85 catita85 5 years
Trashy, insensitive, whatever. They clearly belong together. I only hope his kids are alright.
cdelaney cdelaney 5 years
Didn't he say a similar statement when he met and married Sandra Bullock? What a douche. He can play the whole "I'm misunderstood" thing, but really, he is just a narcissistic loser. Surely, their marriage won't last.
ktc71 ktc71 5 years
It won't last.
babaloo babaloo 5 years
More like, I don't care either way. This is a dude that was married to one of the most desirable and popular and wealthy women in the world. He never deserved her and should have counted himself lucky to get to spend happy time with her on a regular basis. To screw over a woman of that quality when she takes you even though you are a dirt bag, is really astounding.
Annie-Gabillet Annie-Gabillet 5 years
His statement seems insensitive!
Kat Kat 5 years
This news made my jaw literally drop!
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