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Jessica Biel Talking About Justin Timberlake in InStyle

Video: Jessica Biel Talks Having "Future Little People" With Justin

Jessica Biel graces the cover of InStyle's August issue, and the engaged actress opens up about Justin Timberlake in the accompanying interview. Hear what she has to say about maintaining her good relationship and plans to start a family one day in PopSugar Rush.

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Jessica Biel gushes about Justin Timberlake's best qualities and talks about planning a family together. Hey there, I'm Karli Bulnes. The revealing quotes are in today's PopSugar Rush. Jessica Biel strikes a casual solo pose on on the cover of the August issue of InStyle, though the engaged actress had her better half on her mind for the magazine's accompanying interview, even referring to her plans to one day start a family with Justin Timberlake. The 30-year-old actress admits she would like her children to have an upbringing similar to the one she had growing up in Colorado, saying, "I would like those future little people to have the experience I had in some capacity, it was fun." And that's not all that she had to say about her relationship with Mr. JT., PopSugar editor Lauren Turner is here now with more of Jessica's interview. Hey, Lauren. Hi. So, you know, Jessica was quite an open book in it. She was. What else did she reveal about Justin? She said that she likes to maintain her independence but of course she still makes time to spend with Justin. She also added that it's important for her to be with someone that's loving and fun and inspiring and it sounds like Justin fits the bill. Yeah. And she also added that he has better taste than her saying he's fearless with his choices and has a real eye for design. Well, it makes sense she's collaborating with Homed and he's the co-founder of William Rast clothing line. She even said that he picked out her engagement ring all by himself and that she had no say which she didn't mind because she apparently doesn't like to micro-manage. I have to say, he did a pretty good job. He really did, they got engaged over the holidays and they're apparently gonna get married this summer according to Summer Immerse. Well, we'll keep an eye for that. We will. Thank you so much, Lauren. Thanks. And you read Jessica's entire interview with InStyle, just pick up the magazine when it hits newsstands on Friday. I'm Karli Bulnes and we'll see you next time on PopSugar Rush.

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