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Jessica Biel on Vacation With Justin Timberlake (Video)

Video: Why Jessica Says Trip With Fiancé JT Was "Best Time of My Life"

Jessica Biel reminisced about her recent relaxing vacation in Puerto Rico with Justin Timberlake to Jay Leno on Wednesday, saying it was the "best time of my life." She also called Justin her fiancé, which was a bit of a surprise, given the couple's usually more private personal life. Take a look at the interview and hear about her plans to open her own restaurant in PopSugar Rush!

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I was visiting my fiance there. Jessica Biel talks about her recent trip to Puerto Rico with fiance Justin Timberlake. Hey there, I'm Lauren Bradshaw. Find out why Jessica says it was the best time of her life in today's Pop Sugar Rush. I'm having the best time of my life. I'm swimming, I'm hanging out on the beach, I went scuba diving. Jessica Biel reminisced about her recent relaxing vacation in Puerto Rico with fiance Justin Timberlake to Jay Leno on Wednesday. The couple was spotted on the beach there just a little over a week ago as Justin works on his new film, "Runner Runner". And PopSugar editor Brittany Stevens is joining me now to talk more about her late night interview. Hey Britt. Hey. The first thing I want to ask you is I was a little taken aback to hear Jessica use the term fiance, just because I feel like like her and Justin are usually pretty private, so what did you think? I was surprised also. I mean, I think this is the first time we've heard her say it. She has talked about Justin and her engagement ring in a recent interview with In Style, so I think she might just be opening up a bit more. Well, we heard the wedding might take place over the summer. Any new updates on that? There's no word yet, but I'm guessing it won't be within the next week, since she right in the middle of promoting Total Recall before it comes out next Friday. Right. Well, it sounds like she's going to stay busy after the wedding too because she spoke to Jay Leno about plans for opening a restaurant so let's check that out. Have a couple friends and we have this idea to, I don't know, make this cool base where you can have great food and you can send your family and your kids to cool old-school, the classics, and I would have the bakery component. Okay. My favorite part of all this is she says she wants to call the restaurant Oh Fudge which I think is a hilarious name. Yeah. She also told Jay that she's not very confident in her own kitchen skills, but since Justin has some restaurant experience with southern hospitality hopefully he can give her some tips. Right. Well, thanks so much, Brit. I appreciate it. Thanks. And you can check out the full interview with Jessica on the Tonight Show over at I'm Lauren Bradshaw and I'll see you next time time on PopSugar Rush.

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