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Joel Edgerton Interview on Odd Life of Timothy Green | Video

Joel Edgerton on Hollywood and Working With "Easy-Going" Leo in Gatsby

Joel Edgerton plays a sweet father opposite Jennifer Garner in The Odd Life of Timothy Green, which hits theaters on Aug. 15. We caught up with the actor earlier this month to chat about the magical project. Joel shared his experience on set with Jennifer and their onscreen son, CJ Adams, and also talked about another project, The Great Gatsby. He revealed what it was like working with Leonardo DiCaprio after admiring him for years and touched on how tricky Hollywood can be.

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I've been kicking soccer balls around with him and doing all dad things and Jennifer would be like making sure that he had enough food and it was kinda very cute actually. I don't have any expectations anymore 'cause Hollywood can be falsely kind of inviting and cruelly fickle at times. So you said that you had such a great time filming this movie with Jennifer and you know that the atmosphere on set was really great. Was there like a family atmosphere or how was it? Well, you know actors often kind of sort of form there own little family any way on the movie because you've all got to look after each other. But we were a family on screen, so it kind of made sense. I mean, Jennifer and I got along really well. That felt fine and then CJ and her and I naturally kind of started colluding together like a family and CJ looked at me certain things and Jennifer for other things. I'd be kicking soccer balls around with him and doing all dad things, and Jennifer would be like making sure that he had enough food. It was very cute, actually. Have you been able to see them again? I've spoken to CJ a couple of times I've caught up with him now that we're on the promotion trail. And a slight contact with Jennifer all the time. Everyone seems to be saying that you're just like on the verge of becoming the next big thing. What do you make of that? No. I mean, look, you know, it's nice that people might say that, but I've been around for a while. I've been doing my thing for a while and I always used to have really big expectations when I was young. I was like, right. And the first time I was in a movie, I was, "Right, this is it, this is my career starting." I don't have any expectations anymore 'cause Hollywood can be falsely kind of inviting and cruelly fickle at times so I just don't try and buy Are into either one of those energies, just concentrate on the work, see what happens. So you said that you admired Leonardo DiCaprio when you saw him in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" which is also directed by Peter. What was it like to actually get to work with him in The Great Gatsby? It was awesome. It actually felt like a little bit of a full circle thing for me. 'Cause, you know, when I was at drama school, just starting drama school, I saw What's Eating Gilbert Grape and I remember 'cause Leo was the same age as me, that was an amazing performance and that's the kind of life I'm maybe embarking on if I'm lucky enough, you know? So to do Gatsby with him, it just felt like a really nice experience for me to kind of meet him and work him, considering I had watched him all my life, really. Yeah. Was he everything that you had imagined that he would be in your younger years? He is. Now I've come in contact with a favorite few people who work in the movie business None of whom are really as big a stature as he is in terms of his movie starness. Terrible work but you know what I'm talking about. Like, and his feet are very firmly on the ground. I think he's a very smart and easy-going guy. And he could easily not be them but he definitely is. So was it difficult for you to go from playing this kind of sweet, softer fatherly character. To go straight, I think you went straight into playing Tom Buchanan, who is not so sweet. The changes between movies are always, there's always been a time. The change from one character to the next is always part of what I enjoy is like. You know, if I love doing your life, Timothy Grey. But then if you made me do eight sequels. I'd probably beg you to let me try something else. You know what I mean? So it's the variety of characters and the changes of rhythm and the changes of the tone from one movie to the next that gets me excited. So to play a beast like Tom Buchanan was like the perfect antidote for a sweet, lovely, well-meaning guy like Jim Green. And you got to go back to Australia. I did. I went all the way to New York to meet Baz Luhrmann to get a job that I would then shoot five minutes walk from where I lived in Sydney.

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Grace-Hitchcock Grace-Hitchcock 3 years
I loved hearing him speak at the screening for Timothy Green! Cannot wait for Gatsby... it is going to be visually stunning for MANY reasons.
Sabrina2782617 Sabrina2782617 3 years
I can't wait to see Great Gatsby!
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