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Joey Lawrence Melissa & Joey Interview (Video)

Joey Lawrence Says Taking His Shirt Off in Vegas Was on His "Bucket List"

The second season of Melissa & Joey is in full swing, and with it, the duo are poised to face some growing pains. We recently interviewed Joey Lawrence, who stars alongside Melissa Joan Hart in the ABC Family sitcom, to get the scoop on the drama ahead for the unlikely roommates. We also talked to Joey about his talents off the small screen. After a recent stint on Dancing With the Stars, he performed with Chippendales in Las Vegas — a move he told us was on his "bucket list." Check out our interview to see what he said about being at peace with missing the upcoming All Stars season of DWTS, and catch new episodes of Melissa & Joey on ABC Family Wednesday nights at 8/7 p.m. Central.

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it's like the mob. Once you're in, you can never get out. If people can have sex tapes, I can certainly go take off my shirt in Vegas. Now I know you've hinted that Melissa and Joey are gonna kind of think about how their living arrangement might be affecting their love life. And I know people have been rooting for them to get together over time, but how is this going to impact things? You know, I mean it's going to change things. He's got to have space of his own. She certainly wants him out of the house and he wants out of the house and I think in this whole season it's that exploration. They were sort of thrust into this dynamic and they both need each other but they don't really like each other. Right. And you know, he was thinking I'm going to get my feet back under me as soon as I can and get back to my financial trading and make the millions of dollars I was making before I lost it all and I'm not going to be doing this forever. But he grows this affinity for her and these two teenagers, and it feels comfortable, and I think it's feels more comfortable and they fight that. And I think that's where we have our cat and mouse game and that's where we have fun, you know? Yeah. And so you're kind of trying to work out of the rut a little bit. Absolutely. They're going to work out of the rut and it's like the mob. Once you're in you can never get out. And I think they're sort of feeling like that, so they're going to try to shake it up and see if once they get a bit of space if they stop suddenly liking each other. Right. Now, I know you campaigned pretty hard for a Dancing with the Stars All-Stars spot Well , I actually didn't. Somebody tweeted that for me. Right. It was weird. And it got re-tweeted and then it was posted on my Facebook and then my Twitter, but that was my fans, they really drove that, which, you know, I'm very flattered. I had my fill and it was a great experience. I don't need to do it again. Yeah. You know, I don't necessarily want to do it again. And we did three national tours afterwards and had a blast and You did a lot of dancing. A lot of dancing, had my fun and it's a skill set that I'll have forever so I'm thankful for that. Well, what about maybe doing more Chippendales in the future? You know that was a bucket list thing. It was one of those 'what the hell' moments. Sure. I had fun doing that too, man. After a while, they were asking me to do it, and I said, "You know what? What the heck, man. I'm just going to do it." Right. And we had sold-out crowds, and they treated me great, like royalty over there. I spent a month in Vegas and did something that won 'em 85. As my best friend said, "Dude, you'll look back on it and go, 'check it out dude'." Exactly, it's a memory you had to make, right? Gotta make it. Got to make it. It's about trying different things. Yeah. If people can have sex tapes, I can certainly go take off my shirt in Vegas. Might as well right? You guys have filmed this show in front of a live studio audience all these years. What has it felt like to do it that way? Do you prefer it? What's the biggest pitfall? I prefer it. I think the half-hour comedy was created by the geniuses sixty years ago to be theater in a box, and I think it works the best, because it's really part of the energy of the show. It takes on A whole new dynamic with that audience there, you know, their laughter, how long and short it goes, when they laugh, changes in the dynamic can be seen instantly, so and I think in terms of the energy you really feed off. All the comedy that I've done on TV has always been in front of a live audience. I sort of prefer it. The next show I do, if it's a drama, that would probably then that's a whole different beast. Sure. But if it's a comedy I would probably push for a multi-camera. Really? Yeah. It's like that performance aspect. I just like it, it just yeah. Especially when things happen that you're not expecting. They really respond to something and the laugh goes on for 15 seconds. Sure. And you're trying to hold, and it's great. I think the audience at home loves that. It gives a sense of it being live and fresh.

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