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Jonah Hill Channing Tatum Fell in Love Making 21 Jump Street

Channing Says He Never Loved a Costar as Much as Jonah — Except, of Course, Wife Jenna

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill were in NYC last weekend to chat all about their comedy 21 Jump Street. The guys dished about their bromance, with Channing saying he's never fallen in love with a costar so much — except, of course, with his Step Up leading lady Jenna Dewan, who's now his wife. The guys also chatted about high school, dance moves, and surprising things they learned about each other during production on the film. Jonah, who was memorably pranked by his Moneyball costar Brad Pitt, was the victim of another hilarious joke from Channing too.

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the massage prank was funny. Yeah, massage prank was pretty funny. I sort of switched places like in mid-stroke and then started doing weird stuff to him. I learned that I'm better than him at FIFA soccer. That's not true. This movie, you guys go undercover at a high school. What were you like in high school? I was an athlete. I slept through most of my classes and that was probably a bad idea. Kids don't do that. I had a great time. Lots of friends and they're still my buddies now. The story from Moneyball, Brad Pitt pranking you, is pretty legendary one and also moving pranking history. I'm wondering, did you bring that spirit to this movie? Did you guys do any pranks to each other? The massage prank was funny. Yeah, the massage prank was pretty funny. He was getting a massage. I'm dressed as Peter Pan, by the way. Yes, Peter Pan, green tights, hat, everything. He's getting a massage, getting a massage, and then I sort of switch places like in mid-stroke and then start doing weird stuff to him until he realized that I'm basically mounting him on the hall. I got picture, I'll tweet it to you. Alright, please do. pop sugar. So you guys worked closely, obviously, on this movie. What's one surprising thing that you learned about each other during the course of making the movie I learn that I'm better than him, better than him at FIFA socccer. That's not true. No. It's true. That's the farthest thing from being true that you've probably said all that. It is very true. So, considering that takes place out of prom, I have to say, it was a little disappointing we didn't get to see any of your dance moves. So, what's up with that? Are we just going to have to wait for Magic Mike to see them? I think you might have to wait for Magic Mike. I haven't danced in a movie in awhile. There used to be a scene in the movie to like a really old song. that shows our age because we like this old song. Yeah. And we start dancing. I wish but I skip though. Oh, nice. little bit taller. I was I was a baller. Jake Johnson told us that actually you were responsible for organizing some pretty epic parties during the production of this movie Can you confirm or deny? I can confirm and I'm glad he called them ethics, so that's awesome. Yeah, pretty fun. Yeah. It's New Orleans' not hard to like, find the good party at. You know, Jonah describe New Orleans as the bad kid island and Pinocchio or like the smoking cigars and drinking and stuff. I spoke with Rob and Ice Cube and I asked them if they could be arrested by either one of you, who would they rather have as the arresting officer. And kind of interestingly they both said you Channing. To me? So, why do you think that'll be. I wonder why? I wonder where it can take me? Yeah, I think it will work 'cause he's seen you play FIFA soccer. Good Luck. So it seems as though, you know, if everything goes well we might have a sequel to this movie. If everything goes well I would- That I had to do a sequel to this movie. Me too. There's not been in a movie in my career that I've had more fun on and literally fell in love with my co-star Exactly. More - other than the one that I married. If I didn't marry Jenna, I would Almost as much as Jenna. Almost as much as Jenna. Here you guys obviously are going undercover in high school. If you could go undercover anywhere, where would like to go undercover? Undercover anywhere? Fashion industry. I think they're stupid. Yeah, Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition I would want to go undercover, as a bathing suit.

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