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Video: Jordyn Wieber's Tears, Lochte's Gold, More Olympics Weekend Highlights!

It was a packed Olympic weekend as the Games kicked off, and Team USA scored its first gold medal! We're breaking down the major highlights to get you caught up, from Ryan Lochte's win over Michael Phelps to gymnast Jordyn Wieber's heartbreaking loss. Plus, get a look at the famous faces in the stands, including Prince William, David Beckham, and Michelle Obama! It's all in this PopSugar Rush.

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Jordan Wieber's heartbreaking loss that brought her to tears. Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps face off and David beckham, Prince William, and Michelle Obama all come out to support the athletes. Hey there, I'm Lauren Bradshaw, and we're bringing you that and more Olympic highlights to get you caught up from the weekend in this Pop Sugar Rush. It was a big story at the Olympics yesterday. Gymnastics reigning world champion Jordyn Weiber, who many expected to metal at this year's games, was eliminated from the all-around final and cried in front of cameras as her teammate Alley Reisman moved on. A lot of people are talking about this this morning More of the details, we have Fit Sugar's Lizzie Fuhrer. Hey Lizzie. Hey Lauren. So, tell me what was your reaction over Jordyn's loss? You know, I know I'm not alone when I'm going to tell you that it was just totally heartbreaking, seeing Jordyn her head into her hands. Even though she was the raining world champ. You know, the favorite going into the all-around. She unfortunately was eliminated, during the all-around. The finals, so there was a lot of commentary that she was really harshly scored, but the good news is that she's going to have two more chances to take home medals in the olympics, so we're really grateful for that Good. So, that's a bit of good news. Absolutely. Yeah, let's talk about a few of the happier moments from the weekend. Sure. Ryan Lochte won the first gold for Team USA. Right. So, you know, Ryan Lochte definitely told everyone that this is his big year to shine, and that's sure enough what he did, took home a gold medal, and he made it up to the podium and popped in his signature grill, which we all love seeing, had it specially made with the American flag, so that was definitely a cool way to show his patriotism. Yeah, very patriotic, that's one way to show team spirit. Absolutely! Well what about Michael Phelps, because he actually beat Michael Phelps which I think surprised some people. Right, so Michael Phelps places fourth and its his first time since 2000 that he hasn't taken home a medal for an Olympic race, but he was definitely showing his team pride, tweeted out to Ryan. He was glad to see someone from Team USA take home the medal and that there was another race coming up. Right, and he actually got another shot yesterady when him and Ryan both competed in a relay, and ended up winning silver for USA. So he did get a medal. He did. Right. And Michael Phelps is actually away from making Olympic history, so that will definitely be something to watch. Yeah, absolutely. Well, another big success story of Team USA is Dana Vollmer, a swimmer. What can you tell us about her, because I'm assuming not a lot of people know who she is. Right, so Dana Wolmer is one of those awesome underdog stories, in the last summer olympics she actually didn't make get to compete, but this year she's broken the world record for the hundred meter butterfly, which is just so awesome, and such a great story. Yeah, so awesome, well I'm sure we'll be hearing more about her. Yeah, absolutely, I'm sure. sure everyone's gonna want to hear a lot more about her. Well, moving on from the athletes to some of the people sitting in the stands, we saw David Beckham and Prince William Yesterday cheering on Great Britain during their soccer game. Right so that was so exciting to see, both men are really involved in the Olympics. Prince William is actually the ambassadors for Team Great Britain, and David Beckham brought his son Brooklyn along to watch the soccer game, even though he's unfortunately not competing shared that sentiment so, they were holding up signs saying where's Beth, which was, you know, pretty cute. Yeah, that's really cute. Well, Michelle Obama was also in attendance and went to a few Competition so can you fill us in on what she was up to. Right, so Michelle Obama definitely made her rounds around the olympics. She went to watch Men's basketball when they beat France and went to hug all the players afterwards so sweet to see. And she actually watched Serena Williams advance in womens singles for tennis. So that was definitely awesome, too. Yeah, so she's kind of a good luck charm, it seems like Yeah it looks like that absolutely. Well thanks Lindsay for filling us in. Thanks for having me Lauren. Yeah and well continue bringing you more olympics coverage during this years' games so keep checking back to pop sugar TV I'm Lauren Bradshaw, and I'll see you next time on Pop Sugar Rush.

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