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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Looper Interview at Comic-Con (Video)

Video: Joseph Gordon-Levitt On Why Looper Is the Best Acting He's Done

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emily Blunt came out at Comic-Con today to discuss their new film Looper, which has both the stars undergoing dramatic transformations for their roles. We talked to Emily about becoming blond and tan for her part, and JGL told us it's the best acting he's ever done. Watch to find out why!

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I think its probably the most unique film I've been a part of. Even though it is a time-travel, sci-fi film, and it's a thriller and there's nothing generic about it. And it's such a singular movie. That's what I feel most about it. Rich characters, interesting characters are amongst this high-concept movie. It's just so rare you just never find it. You never ever find it, ever. And what about Mario. What makes it cool? Well I mean. You didn't like all movies. You were in "Inception". I was, that's true. I mean, I think that personally it's probably the best acting I've done in this movie. Because I like performances where you don't see the actor, you just see the character. When you watch Meryl Streep or you watch Gary Oldman or Daniel Day Lewis, people like that, you just see the character on the screen. So, playing a character like this, partially because I got to have this prosthetic make up on my face but also just I was charged with playing the same man as Bruce Willis So I felt like I was able to really play somebody completely different from myself and that's what gives me off. Yeah. I know lot of people and talk about your transformation, but you also look a little bit different in this movie with the blonde hair. How was that for you? Was that fun? Yeah, it was really fun. I mean, I think Ryan, the writer, had always seen her being fair-haired. You know, I think she works outside all the time, so my pale British skin was to be no more. So I was like sun-bathing and tanning. And it was like, the look was very different and she is a very tough character, really protective, tough chick. I like to change my accent. You're bad ass. I'm a bad ass. That 's the way we say it in this country, "You're a bad ass in the movie."

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