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Josh Hutcherson Interview: Journey 2 and Hunger Games

Josh Hutcherson on His Journey Pranks and a Hunger Games Surprise!

Josh Hutcherson is back as teen explorer Sean Anderson in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. He shares the big screen with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Vanessa Hudgens in a 3D adventure that takes viewers through a jungle, beneath the sea, and inside the ruins of a lost city. I sat down with Josh during the film's press junket in Honolulu, where he shared stories about pranking his costars and I even surprised him with some exciting Hunger Games news! Check out our interview and catch Journey 2: The Mysterious Island in theaters on Feb. 10.

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that if you take a long stick and kinda poke it in somebody's ear, they're pretty sure there's a bug crawling in their brain. Liam. How can you tell a thing to this guy. Man, that's huge. So, Josh, you're back again in the sequel. Yes. And this time you have a whole new cast of characters including The Rock, who plays your dad. Yes. So how did you guys bond and what did you do to like kind of get that camaraderie going? Well, in the movie we're kind of living in odds. So, we had to do the opposite, if anything because we got along really great on set and we were, we're good pals and realized we kinda had to remember when we're going to shoot that we're kinda little bit, you know, at odds at first. So, it wasn't like love, love at first sight when you saw each other on set? No, it was like, you know, he's a very big guy. So, he's physically intimidating, so you need to take a minute to kind of like get used to that size. Once you know the guy, he's like super down-to-earth and real and very personable. So, the pack, pop, peck pop bottle glove. The peck pop, yes. Peck pop, it's kind of a tongue twister. Yes . Have you tried it out? No, that's Dwayne's department. I'm gonna let him handle that. I'm gonna stay well away from the pep bottle glove. Okay, so I've heard recently that you're a huge prankster, and you even made Jennifer Lawrence wet her pants? I did. I'm very proud of that. Were you playing any pranks on Dwayne or Vanessa on set? Yeah . We definitely were. One of our kind of running pranks for the show was, we felt that the jungle had a lot of bugs crawling around and if you take a long stick and kind of poke it in somebody's ear they're pretty sure there's a bug crawling into their brain. So if you do that to enough people they definitely freak out. And, we got Luis really good once, where we kept on, Vanessa and I were both actually tag-teaming him. He literally kept on swatting at bugs and I couldn't figure it out. It was a very good prank. So then let's switch gears, let's talk more about Hunger Games. So, there's new photos of your fire costume that came out. Yes. Is it really hard for you to keep all these things secret and not share the details? It is. I mean, the thing is, it's all in the book. So, we stayed very true to that. So there's really not a ton of secrets. But I mean I can't share any of my personal photos, or anything like that. They're very very tight-lipped about that. Talking a little bit more about Hunger Games. When do you guys start shooting Catching Fire? We don't start it yet. They just started writing a script with Simon Beaufoy. I'm really I think he's an extremely talented writer. He's going to do amazing things. Probably like end of fall, or end of summer beginning of fall next year. And I heard there's a new cast member. I don't know if you know about this. No. That Liam might be bringing a new cast member on. Really? That he got a puppy for his birthday. Oh, that's amazing. I had no idea. Yeah. No. Liam, how'd you tell this guy a thing, man. That's huge. I didn't know that. So, there's a new cast member of the Hunger Games? Yes. Perfect. And lastly have you ran in to Taylor Lautner or Robert Pattinson since you started filming with him, give you any advice of what to expect? I have not but I'd love to because they've been through it and if Hunger Games anywhere near successful as that. I'll definitely need some advice on how to deal with it.

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