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Jude is Not F-Ing Golden

Jude Law is on the cover of the November edition of the UK GQ and he would like us to know that he never wanted to be a Golden Boy, so he doesn't care if we no longer think he is one. Well OK then. He and Sienna certainly have cleared up a lot of things for us this week. Here's more from GQ:

"It sits very uncomfortably with me," he'd said. "Maybe it's a safety mechanism but I see myself for what I am; a dad and an actor, and those are two very harsh, big truths. All the crap that happened to me came out of a mistake and a situation and a decision that was regrettable, and people say, 'Oh, you're not so golden now.' Well, I never said I was f*cking golden anyway."

Sounds like a convenient defense mechanism to me, but Sienna has clearly forgiven him, so maybe we can too. A few more hot pics from the pages of GQ, so

GQ front cover

GQ page 1

GQ page 3

GQ page 5

GQ page 6

GQ page 7

GQ page 8

GQ page 9

GQ page 10


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