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Julia Jones and Booboo Stewart Interview (Video)

Booboo Stewart and Julia Jones Talk "Powerful" Breaking Dawn Birth and Wedding Scenes

As members of the wolf pack, Julia Jones and Booboo Stewart take on bigger roles in Breaking Dawn Part 1 than in the previous Twilight saga films. We sat down with the duo at the recent press day for the film to hear about their characters' transformations and get some details on their behind-the-scenes look at the birth scene. Booboo promised fans will be brought to tears by the fourth installment of the franchise, while Julia said Renesmee's birth is a "powerful" moment in the film. Check out our chat, and in case you missed it earlier, watch our interviews from the Breaking Dawn premiere in LA earlier this week!

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So many fans, I guarantee you, are going to cry when they see this. Absolutely. How is this going to work? And, it was so powerful. Your characters both kind of come into their own, finally in Breaking Dawn. How does it feel to sort of, you know, reveal that side of them now? It feels cool. I'm really excited for the audience to see our characters and cause we got a little bit in Eclipse, you know, just introduced. And it's really exciting cause now they're gonna be able to see our personalities and what we're all [xx] There's a lot of satisfaction in, in getting to tell this story, or like the back story and the journey of the, of the characters. Booboo, tell me a little bit about what at the wedding scene, was like did it kind of feel like a big party? I can say that it was very touching, and yeah, it was just It was really touching to see. What was it like when everybody stood there to watch Kristen come down the aisle in her dress? You don't want to give away too much about the moment. I don't want to give it away, I don't want to [xx] It's a big moment. I understand. Yeah, you know, when, when people go see the movie, I want them to be like wow! This is awesome. Yeah. And so many fans guarantee you're gonna cry when you see that piece. Absolutely. What was the coolest moment for you guys when you actually finally got to see the cut of the film. I had been looking forward to the birth I really was so curious about that, cause I hadn't, hadn't seen any of it being filmed, but I'd seen like props and pieces of it, slung around. Yeah. Right, yeah literally like lying around and you know. Seriously, just arms around her. Kind of. Yeah. Well, how is this gonna work and it was still powerful. Absolutely. At least like that was the most intense part of the film. What about you, Booboo? I'm actually waiting to see it at the premiere. Very cool. Is your family going to be along? Yeah. Have they bugged you for any details, tried to get you to give anything away? Nah, not really. I mean, they're pretty relaxed. Yeah. They want to be surprised right? They want to be surprised, yeah.

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