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Julia Roberts at the Jesus Henry Christ Premiere in LA Video

Video: Julia Roberts and Big Sister "Take Turns Being the Boss"

Julia Roberts rounded up relatives Emma Roberts and Lisa Roberts Gillan for the LA premiere of Jesus Henry Christ. The Oscar winner's cast and crew all said she made a great leader, even with the added challenge of working alongside her big sister. Hear how Julia managed the task of being boss in today's PopSugar Rush.

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Julia Roberts rounded up her relatives to premiere their latest collaborative project. Hey there, I'm Karli Bulnes. Hear how Julia juggled being a boss to her big sister in today's PopSugar Rush. "I think we take turns being the boss, like somebody's the boss one day and then somebody else, it's like knowing when the quarterback has to pass, you know you just take turns sharing that heavy load because being the boss is the most work." Julia Roberts says the key to success when sharing behind-the-scenes responsibilities with relatives is rotating who's in charge. The Mirror Mirror star executive produced the film Jesus Henry Christ, while her older sister Lisa Roberts Gillan played co-producer. The famous siblings had the support of their niece Emma Roberts at last night's LA premiere. "We're here in Hollywood at Mann's Chinese theater . . ." Our own Michelle Manning hit the red carpet and asked the cast and crew what it was like working alongside the legendary Ms. Roberts. "Awesome. I mean I would work with Julia again in a heartbeat. She's just such a giving person she's a terrific boss, you couldn't ask for more." "She's awesome, she's like America's sweetheart for real. She's like so nice and grounded and down to earth." "Julia asked me, so when Julia asks you you say yeah ok." "Hello, nice to see you!" The film's father figure, Michael Sheen, exchanged a kiss and warm embrace with his boss, and he revealed that he's been taking tips from her ever since working on their first movie together back in 1996. "The first film I ever did was with Julia, my first experience of working on a film was learning at the feet of Julia Roberts." Julia and her sister definitely had a huge presence during production of this film, though the Oscar winner told reporters it was another member of her family who can take credit for getting her involved in the first place — husband Danny Moder. "My husband was the cinematographer on the movie, he was actually the first one who Dennis approached for the movie, I just saw it on his desk one day and said what is Jesus Henry Christ? That's a great title!" Jesus Henry Christ is now available through video on demand and iTunes.

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