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Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta Rock of Ages Interview (Video)

Julianne Hough and Diego Boneta on Their Big-Screen Chemistry and Tom Cruise's Impressive Abs

Julianne Hough and Diego Boneta star alongside Tom Cruise in this month's Rock of Ages, and when we caught up with the duo at a recent press day for the movie, they dished on Tom's surprising singing and dancing skills. Rock of Ages' release will kick off a busy Summer for Julianne. She told us that, sadly, she won't accompany boyfriend Ryan Seacrest to the Olympics in London because she's set to start filming Nicholas Sparks's Safe Haven around the same time. Meanwhile, Diego is gearing up to make his big-screen debut in front of US audiences with his role in the musical movie. He also chatted about his international music career and his plans to work with Adam Levine. Rock of Ages hits theaters June 15.

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There were talks that it might get cut of the movie while we where shooting it we were both like, "No! Don't cut it." His abs and he does this, really creepy looking, like Anthony Kiedis Mick Jagger little moment. You guys are so great in this film and you have awesome chemistry on the big screen together. Thank you. So, how did you first meet and what kind of built up that repertoire together?| We first met on his final audition and it was instant. I mean, he is not a bad person to look at, right? So, even so we were actually the first ones to get to Miami, we were there for six weeks before shooting, and we were the last people to leave Miami . We hung out and got to know each other before the movie even began. We did our whole vocal lessons and recording and dance lessons together. did rollerblading lessons. We bonded. Yeah, we definitely had some bonding time. Julieanne, did you help Diego with any of his dance moves, or did you need help with your dance moves? Of course I needed [Laughter] Of course I did. Are you kidding me? I was asking her for like the stripper moves and I was like come on, help me out Nice, nice So I have to ask you, Tom is so incredible in this movie Were you more impressed with his abs, his singing, his dancing, what was it? All of the above. I still pour some sugar and freak out cause. Yeah. His abs he does this really creeping looking, like Anthony Kiedes, Mick Jagger little moment and So is that your favorite part in the movie, like working with Tom or did guys have a really good time doing your duets? Your mash ups are incredible. Do you have a special moment that stands out. I mean, our mashup that we do of more than words and heaven, that was how we auditioned and got the movie and there was talks that it might get cut out of the movie While we were shooting we were like: No! Don't cut it. And that being one of the most beautiful, this is where like the love story comes together. Yeah and it's like the power ballad of the film and I love power ballads. I mean it's 80s music, you have to love a power ballad. yeah. I know you just signed on with Adam Levine so you can tell us a little bit that. I am super thrilled about that I'm a big fan of room five and Adam is great. He is helping me, find working on my third album is going due to US An international market and I'm very happy to have him on my. side. So are we going to see you touring anytime soon. Yeah, hell yeah. Alright, and Julianne what about you you going to London, maybe, for the Olympics? I wish I was going to London, but, what's keeping me away is not too bad either I'm about to start a film with Josh Duhamel called Safe Haven that Nicholas Sparks wrote and Lasse Hallström, who is the most amazing director, is directing. So I'll be in population three thousand Southport, North Carolina, so come and visit. Watch Community. Yeah, exactly. Do you have a favorite Nicolas Sparks novel then? I mean, A Walk To Remember was my favorite. I was, like, thirteen when I read that . I read it like seven or eight times. And Shane West's lips when he does his little thing, lip thing in the movie so I like that. I don't know, I've read a lot of his books. So last question for you guys. Do you guys have a favorite go-to karaoke song? Or maybe one from the movie? I always do "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" because I get all the girls up and we're having a good time, we sing that. "Jukebox Hero"

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