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Justin Bieber in Australia Talking About His Mom (Video)

Video: Justin Bieber Talks Missing His Mom and a Movie With Mark Wahlberg

Justin Bieber is in Australia promoting his new album, Believe, and while girlfriend Selena Gomez is in the country with him, the 18-year-old pop star told a local radio station that he was missing his mom! Hear Justin's sweet message for his mother and find out about his plans to make a movie with Mark Wahlberg in PopSugar Rush.

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Sorry. I don't mean to interrupt but I miss you, Justin. I miss you, Mom. Justin Bieber drops everything in Australia to answer a call from his mother. Hey there, I'm Karli Bulnes. Video from Justin's trip down under is in today's PopSugar Rush. I miss you, Mom. Are you gonna have diabetes anytime soon? No . I was definitely an accident. Justin Bieber showed off his close relationship with mom, Pattie, Monday, answering a call mid-interview to tell her he misses her. Though when probed by Australian radio personalities, Kyle and Jackie O. about his own plans for parenthood, the pop star said he's not ready for it just yet. PopSugar's Laura Given is here with the details on what Justin does have planned well down under. Hey, Laura. Hi. How's it going? I think that it's so cute that he took the call from his mom. They seem to really have a close relationship. Yes, you know, Pattie and he had Justin when she was 18. So he says they're not just mother and son but they're friends too. You know she has been strict with him, she took his cellphone away and cancelled the service one time, but, you know it's obvious he respects her. He worked really hard to graduate high school this year 'cause it was important to his mom. So he's missing his mom but he's not totally alone. Selena's there, right? Despite some recent breakup rumors, they are in Australia together dating. He's been doing interviews and in the meantime, they've been spotted having dinner together and engaged with some PDA. It's nice that they have that down time 'cause Justin's been really hard at work promoting the lead. He has. He's been doing a lot of interviews. He's had some secret concerts and performed his song, Catching Feelings for the first time. He's also got a second appearance on the Morning Show Sunrise. Two years ago police had to cancel his appearance cause the crowd got a little crazy. I can believe that. And, Justin also still has his eye on acting, I hear. What do you know about his upcoming movie project? Yes, he and Mark Walhberg are making a movie about basketball. Justin says they're both figuring it out but, you know, took the time. Well he's in good hands with Mark having filmed The Basketball Diaries back in the 90's. Thank you so much, Laura. Thank you. And there's gonna be more Justin for fans to enjoy. He's currently on the cover of the August issue of Rolling Stone magazine. Plus, he take the performance with Australia's Got Talent that will air on Wednesday. I'm Karli Bulnes and thanks for watching, PopSugar Rush.

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