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Justin Bieber Calling Selena Gomez a Princess Video

Video: Justin Bieber Teases More Boyfriend and Talks "Princess" Selena

Justin Bieber shares a third teaser of his new music video for "Boyfriend," in which he appears to channel Michael Jackson. Check out the clip and hear what he had to say about "princess" Selena Gomez in today's PopSugar Rush.

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Justin Bieber channels Michael Jackson and puts Selena Gomez on a pedastol. Hey there, I'm Karli Bulnes. See a sneak peek of his new video and hear his latest interview in today's PopSugar Rush. Justin Bieber resembles the King of Pop in the third teaser for his Boyfriend video that he released on Monday, though it's another artist who he's giving the royal treatment — girlfriend Selena Gomez. The boyfriend singer opens up in the May issue of Seventeen magazine about being a good guy to his leading lady of more than a year, saying, "I'm just trying to make her happy, that's all. I think it's important to make all women feel like they're princesses, because every girl is a princess. I'm serious." Behind-the-scenes video from the Seventeen shoot shows Mr. Bieber busting some moves and reading a 2009 issue of the mag with Ms. Gomez on the cover, though he just told the UK's Daybreak that he doesn't like to mix business and pleasure. "I mean I try to keep the two separate my business is my business life and my private life is my private life and I like to keep the two separate because if you just expose yourself to the world to everything, I'm not going to have anything to myself." Justin is just one of two stars covering the May issue of Seventeen, actress Chloe Moretz also shares the honor. You can pick a copy up on April 17th.

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