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Justin Still Pretty Seriously Running His Mouth

Okay, I enjoy myself some JT, but perhaps he should take a lesson in humility before his next interview stint. I don't like to not like Justin, but when this British GQ interview is what we're dealing with, well, he makes it hard. Here's a high(low?)light:

“I used to care about those awards and trophies - maybe when I was younger. Come on, it’s all a load of bullshit, right? I view the Grammys the same way I as I see my deal with McDonald’s. I regret the McDonald’s deal. I don’t regret doing the Grammys entirely but I wish I hadn’t put so much of myself into it. It’s kind of interesting. Just like the McDonald’s deal, whose market share went up 25 per cent when I walked into those offices and changed their image. When I did the Grammys, the viewing figures went up by 25 per cent. Funny, isn’t it?”

While I understand what JT is getting at, there's no doubt that he comes off pretty arrogant. And now, let's enjoy his bringing his sexy seductive eyes back. Yeah.


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