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Kate Middleton at 2012 Paralympic Opening Ceremony (Video)

Video: Kate and Will Support Paralympics — Plus, When We'll See Harry

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Kate Middleton and Prince William pop up at the Paralympics opening ceremony. Hey guys, I'm Karli Melane. See the Duke and Duchess's latest appearance as Team Great Britain's ambassadors. Plus find out when you can expect to see Prince Harry returning to his official duties after the whole nude picture scandal. It's all in today's PopSugar Rush. Kate Middleton and Prince William continue to support the world of sports. After attending multiple Olympic events over the last month. They looked excited to be in the stands at the Paralympic opening ceremony Wednesday in London. PopSugar editor Brittney Stephens joins us now with more on the royal couple's role during the games. Hey Brit. Hey. So can we expect to see as many royal sightings in the stands as we got during the Olympics? Well Will and Kate are scheduled to attend multiple events on Thursday, including track and swimming, but overall we won't be seeing as much them as we did at the Olympics. Alright. Will has some work commitments and then he and Kate both need some time to prepare for their next overseas trip, which is gonna happen next month and is part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Okay. Now how about Harry? He's been laying pretty low after those nude photos of him in Vegas surfaced. Yes. Well Harry is expected to make his first official appearance after the scandal on Monday. He's scheduled to attend a swimming event, Ge's gonna meet with some Team GB athletes, then he's supposed to go to a ready event in the evening. Now we haven't heard anything from Harry, but I understand someone close to the royals has spoken out about the prince's behavior? Yes. So a palace source reportedly told People Magazine that Harry didn't do anything unlawful and that the whole thing is kind of his own private matter. Alright, got it. Thank you so much Brit. Thanks. And the 2012 Paralympics continues through September 9th. You can watch video of all the action at Paralympic Sport TV's YouTube page. For now, I'm Carly Mullane and we'll see you next time on PopSugar Rush.

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