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Kate Middleton and Prince William With Olympic Torch (Video)

Video: See William and Kate Greet Olympic Torch at Buckingham Palace!

The Olympic torch is making its way through the UK as celebrities and sports stars have all gotten a chance to see it on its route to the Olympic stadium, and today, it was William and Kate's turn. The duke, duchess, and Prince Harry were all on hand at Buckingham Palace during a handover of the torch, and we have your look in this PopSugar Rush. Plus, see Kate show off her own athletic skills — she's better than William!

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Prince William and Kate Middleton greet the Olympic Torch at Buckingham Palace. Hey, there. I'm Lauren Bradshaw and we have your look as the royal couple sees the torch off on its way to tomorrow's opening ceremony. Plus, Kate shows off her sporty side to prep for the games in today's PopSugar Rush. The Olympic Torch is making it's way through the UK of celebrities and sports stars have all gotten a chance to see it on it's route to Olympic Stadium. And today it was William and Kate's turn. The Duke, Duchess and Prince Harry were all on hand at Buckingham Palace during a hand over, as you can see in this footage, courtesy of the BBC, as they continued their roll as ambassadors of this year's Great Britain Olympics and Paralympic team. It's been quite the busy day for them, so to tell us a little bit more about that is TresSugar editor Annie Scudder. Hey, Annie. Hey. So before Buckingham Palace, they took part in some For activity other all lucky top of that. For they have taken cal-gen Monden to march the coach for with train young people become coaches Kate showed off her athletic skills, playing at ping pong, starting at judo match, and kicking a soccer ball around. And although the Duchess wearing a dress and wedges, she was better than her husband playing soccer and Prince William blamed his own shoes while talking to reporters. Yeah, blame it on the shoes, William. Well we know all three of them will be very involved in this year's Olympics, it said that between the three of them there's going to be 25 different events that they're at. So can you walk us through a few of those? Well tomorrow they'll be at a celebration for heads of state and of course opening ceremonies. And, on Saturday they are going to watch their cousin, Zara Philips compete for Great Britain's equestrian team. And, then we also hear that Prince Harry gonna check out some women's volleyball, beach volleyball. And, Team USA volleyball players today told the Times that they're excited to see harry in the stands because they think he's cute. Well, we know the ladies of Harry and we know Harry loves the ladies so I'm sure that'll be very fun to watch. Thanks, Annie for filling us in. You're welcome. And to check out the full relay, you can do so over at the official website . The opening ceremonies kick off tomorrow, and we'll continue to bring you more Olympic coverage in the coming weeks, so keep checking back. For now, I'm Lauren Bradshaw, and I'll see you next time on PopSugar Rush.

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