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Kate & Pete End Up in the Hospital

Kate & Pete End Up in the Hospital

Funny thing is, it's not for reasons you would think of when you hear Kate and Pete's names. We know Pete sure has seen a lot of the insides of hospitals - most recently for a serious injury to the head. This time the supposedly sober Babyshambles frontman was there for a lot less life-threatening reason. He was trying to put one of Kate's little rings on his fingers and it got stuck. Here's more:

Pete pushed the ring on a digit while mucking about with Kate, 32. But he soon realised it was stuck. The pair spent nearly an hour trying to get it off before Kate told Pete they would have to seek help. They were driven to Princess Grace Hospital in West London from Kate’s North London home.

Nurses using clippers eventually removed the ring after smearing 27-year-old Pete’s finger with lubricant.

A pal said: “Pete found it embarrassing — and Kate found it hilarious.”

She was evidently giggling through the whole thing. I guess that means that it wasn't that special engagement ring she's been wearing lately. Because if it was, I doubt she would have found the whole thing so amusing.


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