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Katy Perry Debuts Her "E.T." Cover Art — Love It or Leave It? 2011-01-27 12:14:26

Katy Perry Debuts Her "E.T." Cover Art — Love It or Leave It?

Katy Perry is a busy lady these days as she preps for her world tour, which starts next month, and releases her single "E.T." She also just recorded a cameo on How I Met Your Mother and opened up to Rolling Stone about her intense new diet and how she's scheduling time around shows to have fun and see Russell Brand. She said about her carefully planned itinerary, "This time around when people ask 'how was Barcelona?' I'm not gonna be stupid and be like, 'Uh, your room service is great.' That was really annoying the first time. I'd go to these magical places and literally just have time to taste the room service. I wanna go and see Gaudi this time. . . I also have some two-week breathers where I can see my husband and regain some stamina." Now, however, we have a peek at her new art for "E.T." and, after you weren't crazy about the Teenage Dream cover, so tell us what you make of her latest — love it or leave it?

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