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Kim Kardashian Flour Attack Video

Video: Kim Kardashian Brushes Off Flour-Bombing — "I Needed More Powder!"

Kim Kardashian was showered with flour while walking the red carpet at her fragrance launch on Thursday. Hear the reality star's good-humored response in today's PopSugar Rush.

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Kim Kardashian, flour-bombed! Hey there, I'm Karli Bulnes. We've got the reality star's good-humored reaction in today's PopSugar Rush. Kim Kardashian was covered in flour after an unidentified woman emptied a entire bag if it on her Thursday in West Hollywood. PopSugar Editor Lauren Turner is here with all the details. —Kim was walking the red carpet with her mom Kris Jenner at the launch of her new fragrance, True Reflection —She was completely blindsided by the bag of flour —She was dressed in an almost all-black ensemble, so the white powder went all over Kim, and she was quickly escorted away. Kim cleaned up and returned to the carpet to a roar of cheers, and after she had dusted off, she brushed it all off, joking to reporters that the flour shower was just what she had asked for. "I told my make-up artist that I needed a little bit more powder, but I didn't need that much." —Kim did not press charges against the woman, who was heard screaming "Fur Hag" before the incident —Peta has stepped forward to deny any connection to the flour-bomb Both Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian tweeted their disgust over the ordeal and insinuated that it wouldn't have went down if they were there to protect their sister. Kim was a trooper though and continued on with the event, which benefitted the women's charity, Dress for Success.

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