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I'm a Huge Fan: Kristen Bell — Kristen on Dax's Driving, Sloths, and the End of Gossip Girl

It's time for the final I'm a Huge Fan: Kristen Bell! After a series of exciting adventures, our lucky winner Madison is ready for her big meeting. In episode one, Madison and her friend flew to LA and were treated to a fashion makeover to find the perfect outfit for her interview. In episode two, Madison got to meet a sloth and record a Gossip Girl voice-over in the studio where Kristen actual works. It was all leading up to this — check out their adorable chat. Kristen opened up about working with fiancé Dax Shepard — and learning who is actually the most important person in his life — plans for a Veronica Mars movie, whether she'll actually appear in Gossip Girl this season, and, of course, her love of sloths. Big thanks to Revolve Clothing. Check out I'm a Huge Fan: Kristen Bell and see Hit and Run in theaters now.

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Madison is the lucky PopSugar fan who won the chance to meet her favorite celebrity, Kristen Bell. To learn more about Kristen, Madison met her Favorite animal, a sloth. Recorded some lines for Gossip Girls and went on a shopping spree. Now the big day is here, and Madison will get a beauty make over from Kristens personal squad before meeting Kristen Bell, herself. I'm walking out a crib pin. Hi Good to meet you. Oh my gosh. Maybe I should just warn her, be like I know know that you get really emotional about sloths. But, there's not a live one here, I'm not trying to trick you like Ellen. But, I do have a picture of one. I like to write down everything I might say. So I have questions too. But I have like a paragraph. I've been kind of getting ready all morning. The closer it got to time, the more nervous and excited I got I guess. So Madison, this is Angie and Simone, and they are Kristen's own personal glam squad so they're going to get you all ready for your interview. I can't wait. This is so exciting. Cool. All right I'll let you guys take it away. Thank you. You're gonna have such an easy time] talking to her. You're going to have so much fun. So easy to talk to. She's super sweet. It was really cool meeting Simone and Angie, they were both really nice. Simone has known Kristen for 12 years and so she, it was really interesting to talk to her. She said that she's still the same person now as she was when she first met her. I think you look amazing. You look gorgeous. Thank you. Yeah, I feel a lot better. More confident. Thank you guys so much. It was nice to meet you. So much fun. Nice to meet you. You're gonna do amazing, you're gonna have so much fun, and don't even worry about it.10 minutes till I meet Kristen. So, I just have to look at my cards and get more nervous. She's actually in the room just around the corner. I'm walking now to Kristen. Hi, I'm Kristen. Madison. Hi Madison, nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Oh my gosh. Very nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. How are you? I'm doing well. You look beautiful. Thank you, so do you. Thank you. I just saw your movie last night. Oh, you did. It was great. Thank you. You and Dax are so adorable. Thanks. I have to say though there was a lot of car chasing, lots of driving. And, you actually did your own stunts in this. Is that right? I did. Well, if you call doing some sitting on passenger seat then yes. Yes, it is. There are some pretty fast drives. You seem very comfortable. I was just wondering, I mean I know that's actually Dax's car. Yes. Does he drive like that a lot? Yup. Yes, he does. Is he good driver? And that is why I look very comfortable. Well I guess it would probably be easier considering you guys are engaged. Right. You trust him. I trust him. You have that level of trust. We have that level of trust, yes. I do sometimes wonder who he cares more about. Me or the car. But, you know that's fine. I also don't need to be like number one all the time. Lady Lincoln was in his life quite a few years before I was. I respect her. We have no problems, she's is my sister wife. One of my other questions was I know you and Dax obviously did this movie together and I heard a clip where you called each other, you called your couple cracks. Well that you know, that was the funny nickname we came up with, I don't know, on a lonely Saturday night. No cares enough to give us a nickname 'cause we're not just very important. And we thought like maybe "Oh, maybe we'll give ourselves a nickname. Maybe it'll be really gross like crap." We 're pretty proud of it. Veronica Mars is actually where I first saw you. And, it was pretty inspirational for me at that age to kind of be watching someone on TV at Playing a young character who is this woman who's strong and smart and independent and able to do all the things and be those people. And it was very inspiring for me and I just wanted to thank you for doing that, and I wanted to know what was the reason that you chose to play that role? If I'm being really honest, I do the jobs that I book. I audition for a ton of roles that I don't book. That season, of pilot season. I was like, "I really really hope I book this because this season it was like such a good project. It was really just luck. She's very snarky and fun. The greatest right? So snarky. Well, one of the reasons I'm such a huge fan is because you always come across so real and genuine and you just kind of put yourself out there and you say this is who I am and accept it. Actually I am sure everyone's seen the Ellen Sloth video and you put that out there yourself and I think that's awesome that you showed it, and said this is me. And, so I wanted to warn you before I showed you anything. Cause I know you get a little emotional about sloths. I do. But, I actually I got to spend some time with one myself, and re-create your photo a little bit, yesterday. I got to hang out with Lola. Oh, I've heard about Lola. I don't know Lola, but I do know, I am aware of all the flossing area. You would be. I know of Lola. banana. Have you seen her teeth? They have those fangs? They're like T-rex. Scary. And then I actually also got to meet Vin, and do a practice voiceover. In the studio we did. Did you really? Yeah! This is my favorite. So I know this is the last season of gossip girl and you've done the voice the whole time. have to know it all, if you are going to be more than a voice this season? I wish that I did, I mean I certainly would if they ask me but I It really depends on how the characters unfold, and if they want to sort of villainize someone or give someone a champion stick of being Gossip Girl in the end. Other than Manny, die-hard fans know it's me, but I think normal people who watch the show, they care a lot more of the characters that they see every week. So it depends. There's a lot of variables. Well I've been trying not to cry this whole time. I do kind of have a scale like you do when if I'm super excited, I'm Oh yeah, all girls do. If you don't admit it, you're lying. I've been trying to hold back and probably once you leave, then. Be professional. I hope you break down when I go, I really do. I wish the cameras are gone. Go into that bathroom. Just have a good one. So nice to meet you. It was so great. Thank you. Thank you for doing such a wonderful prep work. Thank you. I thought you did an amazing job. And as surreal as it probably seems, I hope it's a great memory for you. It is, it is something that I will remember forever, story I can tell forever, and I run back home Sunday really jealous. I feel like I tried to be really brave and do everything put everything out there and be the real genuine person I am and kind of you know follow her lead in that way and so I feel like I've put my heart in everything,I've done everything The best that I could,I've said everything I could say so I don't feel like I regret anything or I missed anything. Yea I wasn't there for I just tried to enjoy every second and I think I did that.So,love it, it was a blast.I still don't think I've processed everything. When I first walked in the room it was nerve racking. On the inside I was, you know, panicking. And my stomach was in knots. But as soon as I sat down and shook her hand and then hugged her and all of that a kind of calm down so to meet someone like that that is really kind of roam model for you i did get little vulnerable and little choked out it means a lot to me that have met her just she is an inspirational person and she inspire me to be really strong and to be OK of being smart and nerdy I am not always as self-accepting or self-confident as she appears to be so it's fun to watch someone else just be brave and put themselves out there. I can't believe that I've been here this whole time, the weekend has kind of flown by but it's been amazing every second of it has been really, really amazing.

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