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Kristen Stewart Interview at Comic-Con (Video)

Video: Kristen Stewart on Why Breaking Dawn Will Surprise Fans & Her Favorite Part

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are at Comic-Con today, and we chatted with them and the rest of their Twilight costars about Breaking Dawn Part 2. Find out what Kristen says was her favorite part of filming the final movie and why even people who've read the books and know the ending will still be surprised by the movie when it comes to theaters this November — take a look!

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My favorite part of the movie is the first hunt. I mean when she wakes up and it's like wow breaking in your body like a new car. Like it's such a cool experience. It's a different world. A vampire world now. What have the fans meant to you? Because you have a huge fan base. Twilight has a huge fan base. I think it's different for every movie. Like my fan base changes for every movie. You know what I mean, I think the coolest thing about having people that identify with things that you identify with, it just reassures you. It's sort of like wow, we've got that commonality, it's really great and I don't feel like I'm on a different level than them at all. I feel like very fueled, creatively fueled. It's the same thing that I get from a good director or a good actor, it's like, "Oh you like it too. Awesome. Me too, I'm really liking it." It feels good. Being able to look back, what has the franchise meant for you personally and why do you it's done so well? 'Cause it's good. I think it's just, for whatever reason, it's fundamental story. Obviously, it's really charged. It's like every time it's on, I can tell you about any movie, it feels and any book I guess it's like, I don't know people are like obsessed with it. I think it's hard to define why and no one's been able to do it yet, so I don't think I'm going to do it right now. Awesome. I remember when I was reading the book and I was just reading through the last really fast, it's a page turner. Yeah. Would you say this film is the most exciting? I think so. It's a little bit fiercer. I mean it's all a little harder and like as in it's difficult. I think towards the end once you actually see them get what they want. It's like the biggest, sigh of relief, imaginable. It's why the movie couldn't really go further, because the whole point is that they're happy now. And to struggle for that is really interesting to watch. And we make it even more exciting than the book, so we Yeah? Yeah, we change it things, but like very much in the spirit of it. So it's not like we're defying it. I heard the ending is just a nice thank you to the fans. It's so cool. I really do cry every time I watch it. It's so cool. It's really sweet. It's such an amazing feeling to see people identify with things that have really moved you. And there's no credit to be taken. It's not like I take any credit for it, it's literally just like, oh, cool. We all found something we really dig and we can share it here today and be awesome together. Yeah. Can you believe people still camp out for it? I mean even more people camp out these days to see your films and everything. I know, I mean it's nuts. When I showed up at the Snow White premier and there was a bunch of people there, I was like, it was truly an emotional experience. I couldn't believe it. I really did always root it very much within this series. No, yeah, they 're awesome. What's it meant for you, this series? Well, I think for anything that I do I initially go into it always just very instinctual. It's always something that I just need to do. And I've lived in this world now for four years. It's been the most indulgent, crazy experience and I think it doesn't really mean anything to me compared to other projects. Every project I do really effects me. I think it's not. It' s a bit of a game changer in that, yeah, sure, now we're all incredibly famous and we've got all this access or whatever, but as long as nothing's changed. Hopefully, I can just appreciate it for what it is. It was an art project. It was something that really bound me to a few people creatively. Like Catherine, Chris, Phil, Taylor, Rob, all of them, I want to work with them again.

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