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Kristen Stewart Snow White and the Huntsman Contest

Win a Trip to Meet Kristen Stewart in England For I'm a Huge Fan!

Kristen Stewart's Snow White and the Huntsman hits theaters June 1 and we can't wait! To celebrate the film and Kristen's amazing fans, we're giving away an exciting trip. One lucky winner and a friend will fly to England, to get the A-list treatment, all before meeting — and interviewing — Kristen in person as part of our I'm a Huge Fan series! This is our first international I'm a Huge Fan so there will be tons of surprises along the way. We're looking for one of Kristen's biggest fans, so prove you're it by taking our quiz and see if you can get them all correct. Check out the official rules here. Hurry, the sweepstakes ends April 26 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. Snow White and the Huntsman opens in theaters nationwide on June 1!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Sweepstakes starts 10:00 a.m. PDT 4/16/12 and ends 11:59 p.m. PDT 4/26/12. Open only to legal residents of 49 United States and DC (RI excluded). 18+. Click here for official rules. Void where prohibited. Sponsor: Sugar Publishing, Inc.

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  • The average score is 2.6 or 65%
Top Scorers
100%  madelaine sandoval
100%  dezaria
100%  Henny McClymont
100%  Clara Tang
100%  kimmmmi
100%  mp88
100%  brooke411
100%  itgulick
100%  koj1
100%  lyrical_angel
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kristenfan1 kristenfan1 3 years
kristen stewart is awesome!! im her #1 fan :) would be awesome to meet her someday. she is a GREAT actress. she is just amazing.. :)
kristenfan1 kristenfan1 3 years
kristen stewart is awesome!! im her #1 fan :) would be awesome to meet her someday. 
KelseyLA10 KelseyLA10 3 years
I love Kristen more than life itself!! !I need to meet her!!! It would be such an honor and a lifetime dream of mine to be able to talk to her and tell her how much pf an impact she has made on my life! I love her so much, she is the only person I feel like I can relate to in this world. She is such a strong person and i love that she never gives up and always follows her heart! I love her so much!!!
Malorie Malorie 3 years
star would be so awesome... but to have a chance is great =) a once in a life time moment that no one can take away from you and thats what would mean to me meeting Kristen =) we all go day to day living our lives doing the same thing over and over been there done that, now I view my life   a chance of accomplishing, making memories every moment I can with my family, as what my destiny in life is  not sure? but can only hope and have faith. =)
Malorie Malorie 3 years
As many of us could only ask, dream or say that we would love to meet Kristen or any movie
Meghan2619271 Meghan2619271 3 years
We live our lives day to day with goals we set for ourselves with wishes hopes dreams desires the deepest wish and desire of my entire heart would be to have the chance to meet kristen stewart. I don't have the money to fly all these places she is located and don't have the heart to stalk her either she deserves a private life. I would be the happiest person on earth if I was choosen. Will the top five people that are chosen for the skype round be named on here?
KelseyLA10 KelseyLA10 3 years
I truly am nothing less than Kristen's number one fan!! I live and breathe Kristen everyday of my life! She means the world to me, words cannot even describe.
KelseyLA10 KelseyLA10 3 years
Kristen is different from any other person! She stands on her own and lets no one tell her what is right or wrong for her! She decided for herself and lets her heart decide. She has taught me to be so much stronger and to always be confident in who I am and never apologizing for how I feel. She has brought so much light into my life by just being who she is and being such an inspiration for me day in and day out! Kristen' s work is astonishing to say the least because she puts every last fiber of her being into her craft. Kristen has also taught me to never give up on my dreams and to never lose the wonder in my heart. I have always felt alone until Kristen.,, I never felt like I quite fit and Kristen is a person that I can relate to one every level of who she is. She has had to overcome so many obstacles and criticisms about who people think she is and never once did she give up on herself. She always stayed true to her. I love that Kristen is a completely private person and that is another one of the many things I admire about her, because it is not easy to stay that way in today's world. My biggest dream is to be friends with her and be able to just talk to her. I am one year younger than her so I feel like I relate to her more than anything, but she is also the person i admire and hold to the highest standard in my life. Kristen Stewart is my life. I love her so much and it would be nothing short of a huge life changing honor, to meet her and tell her how much of an impact she has made on my life.
Meghan2619271 Meghan2619271 3 years
I wish I could have a chance to go to the next round I could prove all the things I know about her I research her every single day. To see what she is doing and what is new daily I love her she is my idol the one that keeps me going. I think to myself if she gets through all the paparazzi daily we can get through are normal lives she's touched my life in such a way and she doesn't even know who i am. She saved my life in 2008 I will always be so thankful to what she did and does she is a kind hearten wonderful soul.
Meghan2619271 Meghan2619271 3 years
I watch her films and look at the crap they post online and in magazines and I just think that has got to be annoying yes we fans like to know some stuff. We don't want you to hassle the star we all know and love they are just normal people just like the rest of us. Some of the fans don't seem to realize that or see her as a real person with a life just like everyone else she is and she handles it all so well. MAD love kristen you are nothing less that amazing you really are.
Meghan2619271 Meghan2619271 3 years
Kristen is one of those kind hearted souls it doesn't matter what she is doing she always thinks of others she isn't selfish. She has a understanding of the world and even though she was born into the business she still had a hard time getting started just like anyone else would out there she didn't have any special short cuts she wasn't born rich she worked hard and long hours and earned every thing that she has. She is the most amazing actress there is and it would be a dream come true and such a honor to win such a contest. I love you kristen I don't know if you will see any of this stuff or not but you are simply amazing hah.- From a nameless faceless normal girl :p hoping to get to meet you and get chosen for round 2 :)
kclynn kclynn 3 years
I do believe when we are blessed with a talent  it is something that is a part of our indenity that we can excel in and be   example to others you can suceed in anything you  put your  mind to. Kristen is a wonderful young actress and she is example to all young people if you make up you mind you can do it. With that it would be exciting time to meet her and tell her, I have never had a chance to go to london always wanted to if picked it would be a honor to go. I am older and worked  in LAX for 30 years and meet lots of people but as mother and Grandma I would be proud of her sucess.
KelseyLA10 KelseyLA10 3 years
Kristen is the one person that always puts a smile on my face no matter whet.. because she makes me feel like I am not alone! I wish everyday I could be her friend and be able to talk to her! Her work is amazing because she puts everything into her craft and I admire her so much for that and am so proud of her! She has has to overcome so much, and she has with such grace and confidence in herself! I love Kristen so much and she is so important to me in my life! I dont know what I would do with out her! Getting this opportunity to meet Kristen and tell her how much she means to me would mean more to me than words can explain!
Meghan2619271 Meghan2619271 3 years
Kristen puts everything she is into her work she manages to keep her private life to herself and stays the person she has always been. There aren't many people today in the spot light that is able to do that she is smart and know's what her fans want and is able to be nice to them. Many stars these days are cruel and mean to there fans kristen clearly loves her's it doesn't matter what even't it is or if shes just trying to have a night alone out on the town. A simple photo shoot she always signs for her fans and poses for pictures kristen is such a amazing person and I would be able to die peacefully. Meeting kristen stewart is on my bucket list one of the things I want to do before I die she is everything to me watching how much she has grown has been amazing. She inspires us to get through the hard times of a normal boring daily life I could careless what anyone says about her she is nothing less than amazing. Every human being is flawed but kristen is able to act on screen and keep the things she wants private private. I would love to win this contest I pray every single night that god will answer my prays and i get picked for the top 5 and that I am able to get the chance to prove I am your number one fan!!!! 
Meghan2619271 Meghan2619271 3 years
The top scores seem to change every single hour what changes those the quiz part is oveR?
thekills530 thekills530 3 years
Kristen is seriously the best role model i have ever had and i have been looking up to her since i was like 12. She is seriously the most inspirational person ever and teaches everyone that they should put 110% into everything they do. her acting is incredible and i cant wait to see her go on and see her win an oscar. i would kill to meet this chick shes fricken awesome and i would love to tell her that! PLEASE PICK ME!
Meghan2619271 Meghan2619271 3 years
I would to meet her so bad she means the entire world to me she is bright and smart and beatuiful i love her work she is one of the most amazing people. Please pick me as one of the top 5 I want the chance to prove what I I Know I want to meet her so badly.
kaylark2 kaylark2 3 years
My friend LauraJane actually won the Reese Witherspoon contest and it was just amazing to watch her go through everything and meeing Reese! Kristen is one of my favorite actresses and it's been amazing to watch her grow as an actress. She is one of my role models when it comes to my acting. It would be the opportunity of a lifetime to meet her. Thank you PopSugar for the opportunity! :)
KelseyLA10 KelseyLA10 3 years
I am still hoping and praying!!!! This would be a once in a life time opportunity and would truly make my life!!!!! Kristen is the most important person in my life, for she is the one who inspires me everyday!!!!!! I love her so much and it would change my life to be able to tell her how much she has change my life and continues to have an impact on me everyday! She is always true to herself and follows her heart no matter where it may lead her! I love Kristen so much and this opportunity would truly mean the world to me!
Robstenlovesme Robstenlovesme 3 years
Wow there are so many people vying for the same incredible, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. to meet her. to meet Kristen jaymes Stewart. why is it that without meeting her we all still feel like her best friend? because thats what she does, she makes her self relateable to everyone with her witty comebacks and awesome remarks. she's is such a beautiful girl both inside and out and she doesn't even realize it! which only makes her all the more beautiful. i am proud to have grown up in a generation where i got to watch her make my favorite characters come to life in a way no one has ever don. it is an honor to watch her amazing talent. to meet her....there arent even words. shes amazing. if i met hehr i'd say thank you. hank you for being the real definition of a role model and for putting up with everyone's crap. she is one of the strongest people i know, and i havent even met her! yet..... :) @stewartpattinson vampireluvbites 
thekills530 thekills530 3 years
wait after we get 100% on the quiz does that mean we are automatically entered to get into the top 5 finalists?
thekills530 thekills530 3 years
my life would literally be complete haha. shes such an amazing person and so humble and down to earth and just seems like the coolest person to just talk to. crossing fingers!
tarrigo13 tarrigo13 3 years
I would love to meet her. I have loved her and wanted to meet her since I saw her in Catch That Kid. I'm guessing most people only liked her because of Twilight or this, but I've been a fan forever and before she was "famous". It would be amazing if I got to meet her, but if I don't, that just means somebody else deserved it more then I did.
prettite prettite 3 years
Wow.. I never thought there would be SO many people who want this as much as I do. People who see Kristen for what she is - One of a kind.. She's awkward and sometimes she comes off as 'mad' or unappreciative but that's what makes her who she is.. She's not spinning in the madness that usually comes with fame.. She's dedicated to the work that she does and she isn't afraid to speak her mind.. We rarely see people in this life who are so determined and hardworking but who are also humble and true to themselves. Kristen reminds me of why I am who I am, Because it's not fake or forced and if someone isn't happy with it,  It's not my problem. I'll carry that with me always. She's special. I'd love to win this just to tell her that.
jestavillo jestavillo 3 years
I would love to meet her!!!
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