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Kristen Stewart Snow White and the Huntsman UK Premiere Interview (Video)

Video: Kristen Stewart Talks About Her "Bare" Dress and Meeting Fans at the SWATH Premiere!

Kristen Stewart hit up the UK premiere for Snow White and the Huntsman today in a sexy lace Marchesa dress, and we grabbed a few moments with her at the big event to discuss the gorgeous gown! Find out why she chose it for the film's debut, and why she says meeting genuine fans is so much better than people who just want her photo for Facebook.

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Hi, you look amazing can you tell us about the dress and the shoes? I promise I wish I were still wearing my heels, I know they look better. I hurt my foot on Breaking Dawn but the dress is more [xx] [xx] this dress it's very [xx] yeah, I think I liked like the skeletal aspect of it not because it is dark and sinister, just because I think it is like bare. I am really excited about tonight it's not like I chose this dress because of it, but it kind of perfect because I feel very much like "yeah what". You want to see it? You can see it. Yesterday you met our contest winner, the fan who changed her life to have an interview with you. What's it like meeting fans? Meeting fans like that is really fun because they actually want meet you, they don't just want to post your picture on Facebook. I think people are your fans because you actually have a lot in common. so like meeting them is always really fun. You actually yelled kicking ass and taking names at [xx] is that what you [xx]. Kicking ass and taking names nice. Thank you very much. Have a good time. Kristen! Kristen!

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