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Kristoffer Polaha Interview For Ringer

Kristoffer Polaha Says "Henry's Going to Go Dark" on Ringer

Kristoffer Polaha plays Henry on Ringer, a character that's been experiencing a lot of setbacks lately, so when I sat down to chat with the actor, we talked about where Henry might go next. Like the tone of the CW thriller, Polaha says Henry might be going dark, and he also talked about why he wants Henry and Siobhan to get back together. We also chatted about Polaha's previous role on the short-lived but beloved Life Unexpected — watch now.

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I really love it when Henry goes dark. It's exciting for Henry to go dark. Even though he's capable of doing bad things. There's also something that's really redeemable about it. So, the CW has called you a bad boy, but I feel like Henry, with everything that's going on with him, he's more just sad. What do you make of that? Sad boy, but sad boys of the CW doesn't. quite have the same ring. Yeah, I think Henry is a pretty confused individual, like especially considering everything he's gone through, like he started out, I mean he wasn't doing right Right. He was having an affair on his wife. Which is a pretty low down, you know, dirty dog thing to be doing. Kind of bad. But, it's not as bad as like, you know, for example, shooting somebody in the face, which happens later on. and not by my character. So, I think all considering he goes from like one thing which is like a into losing like every I mean, like, he loses his wife, he loses the girl that he thought, you know, he had in Chevon. Even his writing career goes from like, bad to worst. Like, there's like, I have to go back to writing short stories. So, Henry's kinda like, he's the guy who just keeps taking it. So, what do you think his next move is then? Do you think he's going to have to go bad to kind of right himself? I do think, I do think, it's funny like I just talked to Nicole, the producer this morning and she was like, you know audiences have been writing in and they really love it when Henry goes dark. So, I think Henry's going to get dark. Do you want to do that? You have a smile on your face as you say that, so? Well, I think it's interesting because I think, you know, as an actor you want stuff to do. Right. Like, just as a perk. Like, selfishly, as Christopher, like I want to go and I want Henry to have, you know, things that the audience can respond to. So yes, if he tends to. The question is, how is he a bad guy? Is he morally bankrupt, emotionally, yeah, completely deficient, or is he acting out of some misguided love that he has for Chavon and confusion and trying, like why would he clean up the blood, like that's a pretty crazy thing to do, but he did it because he loved Chavon, so the justification there is even though it's weird and you know like seen darkly through glass, it's still, there's a way to make sense of it. So, yeah I guess to wrap it up. Right If he's a bad guy for the right reasons, it will be a lot of fun to play. So would you like to see Henry and Siobhan get back together somehow? Yeah, I certainly would like to see Siobhan and Henry get back together, and I think that is, another aspect of what's pleasurable about playing Henry. Is that his character, even though he's capable of doing bad things, there's also something that's really redeemable about Henry. There's something, the dye hasn't been cast on who this guy is yet. so this character can really go into any place. And, you know, I know they're doing advertisements for Siobhan returning to New York City, so obviously there's gonna be an interesting moment when Siobhan reaches out to Henry what is that going to be like and will he know it's Siobhan or will he think he's still talking to the other Chavon, you know, Bridgette. So Right. world to be living in. In acting against Sara Michelle Geller, is there a difference in her when she's playing Bridget versus when she's playing Siobhan? Yeah, there is. There's a big one. I think Bridget comes from a place of intense vuneralbilty and honesty and openness, and Siobhan comes from this really steely, cold, kind of calculated place. Her body language is different and the light that comes out of her eyes is different. She's doing a good job with it. And so, I have to ask you about Life Unexpected because Buzz readers were huge fans. Do you still keep in touch with the old cast? Yeah, we are officially the Life of Expected Dork. We have become dorks from Life Unexpected and we have quarterly parties, barbeques, either at my house or Sherry's house or Liz's house. Like four times a year we get together with the writers and with all the cast. It was an interesting show because we really developed strong friendships as much as we did enjoy the entire process of being on that show. I mean, they're actors and they go to work, and you have a show and it might be successful or whatever, but it's still just a job. And then there are those that are known as, like we called it like a camp. We called it a camp, because it was almost like going to this place and having these really intense bonds. Almost it was too good to, like when it got canceled, it was almost like ooh. Yeah. It was to good. I think that looking at that Cuba played into that, I think the nature of the show played into that, like Sherry and I were like, care for Britney as a person, because our characters care for her as a character, and then Liz was just an awesome show runner. I mean, she made a committee and made it like a true collaboration, so that was a, it was a fun job to work on.

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