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Kylie Is Named The World's Best Dressed Woman

Kylie Is Named The World's Best Dressed Woman

Kylie showed off her style the other day in London when she stepped out in a bright yellow coat and wide leg jeans. We love that she's into the winter yellow trend. The entertainer is not afraid of dressing up for her show but she also keeps it classy on the streets. Could this be why she has been declared the World's Best Dressed Woman. Her fabulously styled Showgirls tour probably helped her conquer the fav fashionista list as well. She's ditched the hotpants and spandex for a more glamorous and sexy look onstage. It's obviously working wonders with her fans.

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Top 10 best-dressed women: 1 Kylie Minogue; 2 Victoria Beckham; 3 Nicole Richie; 4 Kate Moss; 5 Sienna Miller; 6 Mischa Barton; 7 Jennifer Aniston; 8 Rachel Bilson; 9 Kate Hudson; 10 Gwen Stefani








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