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LL Is Back In Her Skinny Jeans (& Some H-O-T Shoes)

LL Is Back In Her Skinny Jeans (& Some H-O-T Shoes)

Lindsay Lohan stepped outside to indulge her (hopefully) last remaining vice - cigarettes - at rehab in Utah yesterday. It looks like she's stepped up the sass factor out of her gym clothes and into some hot heels and skinny jeans. Yes, here's the Lohan we love, b*tchface and all. Not that I didn't totally believe outdoorsy Lohan, or anything. Now I just wish she would go back to her natural red hair.

Lindsay's been shacked up at Cirque Lodge for over a month now, wherein she's managed to get out of jail (basically) free and reconcile with her estranged father. Of course, the longer she stays away the better for her health and the more chances there are that she'll be successful in her recovery and according to her "rehab BFF" Tony Allen (who naturally felt the need to talk as soon as he left Cirque) that is just what she is focusing on doing. He told Extra, "She’s getting better every day. She’s very healthy, very positive. She wants to present that to her public, to the people who care about her.” Hopefully LL is okay with this dude talking to the press. The last thing she needs is to feel betrayed by friends again. I will say, though, I'm starting to wonder when she's going to return to LA.

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