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Leslie Mann ParaNorman Interview (Video)

Leslie Mann on Her Awkward Stage and This Is 40's "Great Chemistry"

Leslie Mann may be an in-demand actress now, but when we sat down with her at a recent press day for her new movie, ParaNorman, she opened up about being teased as a kid. In fact, she said her own awkward stage helped draw her to the new animated film, which is about a boy who is a little different from his classmates. Leslie chatted about the many kids' movies she's seen with her two daughters, why this film is fun for parents, too, and about rejoining her Knocked Up costars for This Is 40. ParaNorman arrives in theaters today.

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Yeah, I was definitely teased a lot. And it was really hard when I was younger and it's hard to be different. And just being a part of the whole thing is just so much fun. I feel really lucky. As a Mom, I'm sure you've seen dozens of kids movies. Is this the kind of film that you know you could enjoy too? Absolutely. It feels, yeah, it's like the perfect, because I've been to a million. A million. Where I just want to nap through them. But no, this is like a really fun, fun one, fun ride for parents and kids. This isn't actually your first animated film. You also had Rio and there's possibly gonna be a Rio 2. There is. Oh yeah, good, I love Rio 1. Yeah. Oh, good. So why do you like doing animated films? Well it's so much fun. Voice work is is so much fun. And then as a kid I was teased a lot about my voice, because my voice is high and different. Really? Yeah, and so it's kind of fun to be able to, you know, to use my voice for work and to make money. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, so it's fun. I like, you know, that part of it but I also, creatively it's so much fun working with people like Chris, who's just like, a genius. And just being a part of the whole thing is just so much fun. I just feel really lucky to be able to do it. Yeah, the movie has a very strong like anti-bully theme, is that something that maybe drew you to the picture like that? It is, definitely, yeah. Yeah. I was definitely teased a lot and and it made me feel really self concious, and it was really hard and only as I get older And my voice gotten a little bit deeper and I feel like okay with it, but it was really hard when I was younger and it's hard to be different and Yeah. But usually the thing that makes you different is, you know, the thing that is different about you is the thing that makes you special. Well, it seemed to work for you quite well. Yeah, yeah. Well, we're overly excited for This is 40. So what was it like reuniting with cast after five years? It was so fun. So we 're friends so we kind of. So it wasn't like, you know, you hadn't seen each other in five years. Yeah. Yeah, I see my kids every day and my husband. And Paul Rudd, we see him all the time. So it wasn't like, you know, we hadn't seen each other in five years. But we have a great chemistry together and there's something about, you know, coming back to work. It's like knowing each other so well that made it really, really fun. Yeah. like it was such a great experience and the movie is awesome, like really, really good. So, I'm really excited about that one. Oh, it looks cute. Debbie seems to be having a little bit of a midlife crisis. Was that anything you could relate too? No. Okay, good. Yes all of it. No, I think it's very relatable. I think just any relationship. If you're in a relationship or have ever been in one, I think you can, the movie will, you'll love the movie.

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