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Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson Interview (Video)

Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth on the "Unpredictable" Jennifer Lawrence and Their Hunger Games Prep

Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth take on the most anticipated roles of their young careers in The Hunger Games, playing Peeta and Gale, respectively. We spoke to the actors at the recent press day for the film in Beverly Hills, where they addressed their polar opposite training regimens as they geared up for the shoot and revealed some of the most stunning scenes in the film. They also reflected on their costar, Jennifer Lawrence, and how she kept them on their toes at work.

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They built this elaborate set that was so amazing. It was cool, almost like a futuristic looking restaurant. Right. It was so cool. One of the nicest people I've ever met can be extremely unfaithful. So, Josh, I know that you said you felt such strong connections to Peeta right off the bat? Yeah. Liam, did you have the same reaction to Gale? Yeah, absolutely, when I read the books I always connected to Gale more than anyone else, and you know, he's caught in a horrible situation but through it all he stays himself and wants to stand up for what he believes in and he's just being an extremely strong character. Now with this film, I think the Twilight comparisons are inevitable but what about the story or the characters set it apart for you? I think so much. I think once you get passed the idea they both have a book and they both have a big fan following it's kind of an entirely different story. Yeah. I mean, you know, you have Twilight which is the world with vampires and werewolves Our world is you know it's a futuristic kind of America with this new kind of government with this totalitarian sort of setup where they force a boy and a girl to battle in this arena. It's a completely different world. right. But have you seen anything yet or had an experience that kind of drove home the huge devoted fan base behind this fanchise? We were in Mexico last week or a couple of weeks ago me and Jeniffer went down there to do some promoting down there and yeah, the fans there were very passionate, which was great to see Is there a little bit of pressure knowing that there's so much to live up to with this movie? Certainly. I think that - for me - that the kind of pressure I felt was We started shooting. Once I got on set and started doing my job like I always do it. It sort of kind of washed away all of that. Is there a moment or scene there you are most excited for the fans to see, that you think will be really impressive for them? My favorite thing that in all the books it's Haymitch. Yeah. I love that character. I love Woody HarreIson. Yeah. And I think, you know, I'm a fan of book myself. I was pretty excited to say what he done. Was there a design aspect or something that you kind of imagined from the book that especially impressed you when you saw the movie? Well, the capitol stuff was incredible. Yeah. The set design was. I mean the apartment that Katniss have been staying before they go into the games, they built this elaborate set that was so amazing. It was cool. almost like a futuristic-looking restaurant almost. Right. It was so cool. I loved it. But seeing that in person was pretty amazing. Now you both got to work really closely with Jennifer, obviously, so what impressed you the most about getting to know her, working with her as an actress? She wasn't at all what I imagined it would be. Me neither. She 's completely unpredictable and is one of the nicest people I've ever met. But extremely unpredictable.keeps you on your toes at all time. Yeah, you never know what your going to say next. It's very exciting yeah. Right, Now, Liam, you don't get to do quite as much physical stuff in this movie yet, but did you do a little bit of the training with the rest of the cast? Yeah. But it wasn't stunts or action stuff, I wanted to lose weight for my role, and I was eating a lot less. I was just trying to feel hungry and feel hunger right and look hungry and feel hunger and look hungry. Well, on another hand, Josh, I read but you said you were eating more. Yeah, I kind of did rub it in his face a little bit. I had to put about 15 pounds on, so it was a lot of eating the high protein stuff and low carb and, I hate saying low-carb. That sounds so tooly.

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