Lindsay's Mom Can't Keep Up

Lindsay's Mom Can't Keep Up

It must be hard to have to manage your teenage daughters career and very active social life. Dina has been Lindsay's party buddy/chaperone for some time now, but apparently she is get sick of LL's partying ways. Page Six reports:

DINA Lohan is having trouble keeping up with her out-every-night daughter. On Friday, Lindsay Lohan and her mom-manager were fighting like cats and dogs over Lindsay's partying at the after-show dinner at Bette for Karl Lagerfeld's new fashion line. "Dina was very open about it," a source shared. "She's getting tired of sitting at Bungalow 8 until 5 in the morning." Lohan's rep denied there was a fight: "Whoever told you this is someone who is trying to stir the pot."

I love that she stays up with her until 5 am. That is so wrong on so many levels yet someone has to keep an eye on Lindsay so she doesn't end up on the cover of Daily Mirror doing a Kate Moss or ending up back in the hospital for a third time already this year. Look like Dina should become a little stricter.

Looks like LL has changed her signature peace sign to a loving kiss. Someone's in a good mood these days.