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Link Time!!!

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pinkangelmonkey pinkangelmonkey 9 years
jess and brit look gawd awful! blech!!! and i love brit... anyways good for lc being done with jason bc he was a fool! or is it a tool? soon there will be a reality show on who steven picks, lc or kristin or will he go with lo! haha
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 9 years
LOL at the Kristin & Brody pic. I can't believe he would admit to liking K-Fed! I don't think Jess or Brit look good in their black dresses.
yayita yayita 9 years
LOL he wears spandex to go riding
Luna13 Luna13 9 years
I hope Zach and kelly are together in real life that would be soo cool, they make a cute couple. Im sorry but i still insist that Jake is GAY, he confirms it with his choice of very tight spandex, who wears them anymore??
yayita yayita 9 years
It fir them both badly, look at how square it makes brit look.
Blondieforever Blondieforever 9 years
On Britney, the dress looks flirty. On Jessica, it looks frumpy and skanky. It's ill-fitting.
cammy_the_great cammy_the_great 9 years
Britney does look better, but I think that's just a bad pic of Jessica. She looks really white and shiny. Normally I think Jessica looks MUCH better than Britney. (And no, I'm not a JS fan.. I hate them both actually. lol)
jennifer76 jennifer76 9 years
There's an upside to spandex?
Toronado Toronado 9 years
That Jessica/Britney photo has got to be the first instance where two people are an insult to eachother. Check out those camel toes, eh? Looks like someone swung a metal rod in between their legs. Or took a knife and cut their pickles into slices. I'm just waiting for Saved By The Bell: The Nursing Home Years.
MissRobinson MissRobinson 9 years
Oh ma lord. I laughed soo hard. The camel toe. The 'I love Kfed' Ahhahahahaaaa. Ew tho... camel toe..hello do you not own a mirror?
merryunbirthday merryunbirthday 9 years
My new nickname for Jake G.: "Wee Willie Winkie"
My-Opinion My-Opinion 9 years
Jess and Brit look so stupid* Jakey just made me blind for a good 15 minutes* I like JlH, but that top is not working in her favor* (shudders) man, something 'told' me not click on the Hasselhoff thread...eeeewwww* Gross to anyone who sports the cameltoe* Oh it's my lovely Scarlett....if only I were gay* That's an old pic of Nicole* and Nooooooooo cameron is not beautiful, she's stretchy* no comment on the head chick* cute baby pics at the end of pink*
popstar popstar 9 years
Pop- good job with the Jessica & Britney pictures! You're so right!
tharightgurl4u tharightgurl4u 9 years
awww look at Zack and Kelly all grown up!!! I watch Saved by the Bell every morning! lol
t0xxic t0xxic 9 years
lmao Shy
Shiloh-Jolie-Pitt Shiloh-Jolie-Pitt 9 years
oohhh if I squint really hard I can almost make out the outline of jake's pee-pee
Baby_Lisa Baby_Lisa 9 years
OH! and Jake G...not a good look. He should have at least stuffed if he knew he was going to be photographed!!
Baby_Lisa Baby_Lisa 9 years
Ditto, JKBoogie. I'm so sick of hearing about her stupid self! I wish she would go back to Laguna Beach and never heard from again. I will totally take Brody off her hands...he's F*ing HOT! (OK, the liking KFed's music is a little bit of a turn off, but no guy's going to be perfect, and at this point in my life...beggars can't be choosers!)
Fashiondiva91 Fashiondiva91 9 years
1. Jessica S. is starting to look a little brittanyish. Could it bee because a break-up? 2. I always though Mr.Simpson was a little out there for a priest. 3. Never could get enough of my Matthew M. and his big booty lol 4. Who cares about Kristen C. she is a fool have you seen Laguna Beach...then you know I am right
soccer_obsessed soccer_obsessed 9 years
who in there right mind listens to k-feds musicc???-**
Jinx Jinx 9 years
I don't think I've had such fun with Link Time! The black dress looks like crap on both of them, but in those pictures, Jessica looks worse. And yes, it can be a sad day when you realise your parents are human, especially a creepy, exploitive human.
cari907 cari907 9 years
i luv zack and kelly
JK-Boogie JK-Boogie 9 years
God why is the Kirstin girl still around??? I hate her and her pathetic existence
JK-Boogie JK-Boogie 9 years
The similarities in jess and Britney are very scary: - the dress which is 2 sizes too small - horrible skanky hair - chunky legs I could go on.
desidoll88 desidoll88 9 years
Britney looks better than Jessica in those pics. I hope that Jess and Ashlee [b]really[/b] are realizing their, i mean, dad, is a creep!
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