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Look at the Love: Britney & Kevin

Look at the Love: Britney & Kevin

Here are some more pics of Britney and Kevin in Atlanta. Britney has been reportedly dodging pregnancy rumors by drinking, but it looks like she stuck to water on this night. Look at these two love birds. Turns out there was a lot of love in the air when they were in Vegas a few days earlier. Page Six reports:

BRITNEY Spears and her trashtastic hubby Kevin Federline love little people. At Federline's birthday last week at Tao in Las Vegas, Spears had two female midgets carry in his birthday cake. One night later, the couple was back at Tao for a special performance arranged by Spears. A Cher impersonator sang "If I Could Turn Back Time" before "she" was joined by a midget Sonny Bono impersonator, and they both sang "I Got You Babe." The lovebirds "partied into the wee hours of the morning with Cristal, Jack Daniel's, etc.," said our spy.

These two sure have some weird ways of celebrating. I hope Britney drops her Christina look-alike appearance soon. She used to set the trends - not copy others. Come on Brit - come back to us already. At least she looks happy.

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