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Lynn Collins Interview (Video)

Lynn Collins Talks Taylor Kitsch and Playing the Sexy Princess of Mars

There's a new Disney princess in town: the Princess of Mars, played by Lynn Collins in John Carter. She stars alongside Taylor Kitsch in the upcoming film, based on the classic books by Edgar Rice Burroughs. We talked to Lynn about how her character differs from past princesses, her gorgeous and revealing costumes, and falling for Taylor Kitsch's character. She also gave us some insight into what her sexy costar is like off screen. Check out our interview and catch John Carter in theaters on March 9. And don't miss our interview with Taylor Kitsch!

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It was really fun, because there was that juxtaposition of, here is this beauty, and this sort of like regalness. Right. It is a grand love story. Right. And it's a love story not only romantic love, it is friendship as well. So tell me how, the Princess of Mars is different from your typical Disney Princess. I think Dejah Thoris, the Princess Of Mars is much sort of stronger in physique and in sort of intention. Her whole drive is to save the planet, that's she's in. Right. She's an equal to the men in her society, and so there's not an entitlement but respect that is given. Right. Can you tell me about the costume, they are really beautiful. which one was your favorite? Yeah, well, I mean I think obviously the princess dress was amazing, but it was actually, it Its not Helionight, its Sedangit. Right. So, if you see, in the beginning of the movie, what she would wear would be the long robe that's very covered. Right . That everything is very demure. But Sedangit is like, you know boobs and, you know, what everything else. I really loved that dress. There was something like Swarovski crystals? Right. Like, an insane amount of Swarovski crystals on the dress. It was so fun to fight in. Right. A lot of people were like, god, that must have been so hard for you, but it was really fun, because there was that juxtaposition of here's this beauty and this sort of regal-ness with this Rah! I know personally I would like to see that. Right. Its so interesting. Can you talk about the stunts, and how you prepared physically for the movie? I had stopped smoking right before the movie, sort of the training started, so I real thin, so they had to make me strong to do these stunts. So, they trained me like a boxer, and I had to eat a lot and do a lot. And then something happened along the way, which is the most important point. I've had to realize that strength within my mind, within my soul, within my personality, and that doesn 't go away. Right. You know, you can't play strong. You have to be strong. Right. You can't play brave. You have to be brave. So, I had to just leap and grow, and all my insecurities just had to melt. Right. And it's not to say that I don't have them, because of course I do, but my main ones are gone because I had to embody something else. Right. So you've worked with Taylor twice. Is there anything that people might not know about him that you know, that you've learned working with him? He loves pizza. Really? Who doesn't love pizza? Who doesn't? He really loves pizza. He calls greased wheels. Oh, I like it. Did you guys eat pizza together? Mm hmm. Awesome. Yeah, we would have, like, cheap days. Is there anything that people will take away from this movie, that they're not expecting to see when they go in? I think, you know, there's in any of Andrew Stanton's work, there is multi-layered things that you can take away from the movie. There's sociological. Yes. There's planetary. It is a grand love story. Right. And it's a love story not only romantic love. It is friendship, as well. So, there is so much to take from it, and I think that's where its beauty is.

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