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Video: Mad Men's Back! Get Your 4-Minute Crash Course on Last Season

After a very long hiatus, Mad Men is coming back in just a few days, and we couldn't be more excited! The show has been off for a year and a half, but if you've forgotten what happened the last time we left off with Don and Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, not to worry. We're recapping last season for you right here — and it's all in just four minutes. Check out our speedy recap, and then don't forget to watch Mad Men's return on March 25!

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Need a crash course on Mad Men before the show's return? Grab a stiff drink because here's everything you need to remember about last season in just four minutes. It's 1964, Don and Betty are adjusting to life post divorce and Roger sets Don up with Bethany Van. I'm a wench. But when Thanksgiving approaches Don calls up a call girl while Betty celebrates with Henry's family and bad food. Don tries to flirt with the company's new consumer researcher, Doctor Faye Miller, but she's not having and so he goes home drunk, realizes he left his keys at the office and calls his secretary Allison to bring them to him. And then, he sleeps with her. John acts like nothing has happened which will come back to bite him but more on that later. Don, this is Anna in LA and find out she has cancer, but she doesn't know and Don doesn't tell her. 1965. 1965 gets off to a rocky beginning at first when Don's secretary Alison, yes her, breaks down during a focus group meeting, asks Don for a recommendation for a new job and then lashes out again when asked her to write it herself. You're not a good person. She quits! Don get a new replacement for Allison, Mrs. Blankenship. And for once his secretary is not some pretty young thing. What did you do to take her out of moth balls? Pete finds out Trudy is pregnant, and Peggy runs with a new artsy crowd who introduce her to pot. This film is more interesting than I thought and a cute writer named Abe. Dawn goes out on a date with Bethany Van Nuys even though he's supposed to be watching his kids. I don't like that. While Dawn's out Sally chops up her hair and Betty flips out. But the bad times continue for Sally when she's at a sleep over and her friend's mom catches her, well. She was masturbating Don. By the end, Henry sends Sally to a psychiatrist while Don opens up to Faye about Sally's troubles. Faye reveals her wedding band is a fake and then tells Don she has to go. dinner plans with your fake husband. She should come down again. Don brings an alpha male art director named [sp?] on the team and Peggie doesn't like him. To add to Peggie's problems Don gets to nominate for a [xx] Don, Roger, Pete, and Joan attend the ceremony drunk, and then go to a bar, where Don bumps into Faye. What do you say we get out of here? And she shoots him down, again. Don is out partying, Peggy is a hotel room, working with Stan on a Vicks campaign, and she tries a new method to get him to focus on work. Let's get liberated. Liberated Peggy's birthday is shortly after, and she's stuck burning the midnight oil with Don, they get dinner, and drinks, and she asks him why he never tried to sleep with her. I have to keep rules about work. Really, Don? upon returning to the office Don and Peggy discover a drunk duck who tries to do this in Rogers office (fart sound) Don sees a ghost of his friend Anna and in the morning he finds out that Anna has passed away, and sobs. But on the bright side, Don starts seeing Faith, soon after. I miss after. Oh and Don's old secretary, Mrs. Blankenship? She dies. Go out to dinner, get mugged and get it on, in an alley under a staircase. And apparently they didn't use protection. I'm very I'm Late. Roger helps Joan find a doctor to terminate the pregnancy while the agency works on signing North American Aviation which requires background checks. Don gets nervous, opens up to Fey about his real identity ask Pete to pull the plug on the project. Get rid of it. Meanwhile Lane father's comes to visit to bring Lane back to London and he smack's him with a cane. Peggy hooks up with Abe twice, and when she return to office She discovers that lucky strike had left the agency and naturally blames the bad luck on the fact that she had sex. I knew I'd paid for it. In the midst of the kayos Trudy gives birth to a baby girl much to everyone's not excitement. And then sleeps with his assistant Megan. What was that again Don? I have to keep rules about work. At home Betty catches [xx] hanging out with Glen and tells Henry it's time to move. Glen visits Sally one last time, but Betty catches him again, and fires Carla for letting him in. With Carla gone, Don asks Megan to help him watch the kids on their trip to California. They stop by house where Anna's niece Stephanie, gives him Anna's engagement ring and surprise Don pops the question to Megan. It's all so fast. Are you kidding me. A pretty face comes along and everything goes out the window. Our thoughts exactly. Megan says yes and Don is engaged, but Joan also has some news. She's Pregnant! She kept Roger's baby, but just don't go telling that to her husband. Will he find out that he's not the Father? Will Megan and Don live happily ever after? We'll find out when Mad Men returns on Sunday March 25th

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