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Malin Akerman Talks About Her "Full-On" Love Scene With Tom Cruise

Malin Akerman may be well known as an actress, but in the upcoming Rock of Ages, she gets to put her rock-and-roll past to good use. We sat down with Malin at a recent press day for the musical movie in LA, where she told us about her former days playing the Sunset Strip in a band with her now husband. Her singing ability might be news to fans, and her steamy on-screen moments with Tom Cruise may also catch audiences by surprise. The actress filled us in on the behind-the-scenes action leading up to their love scene and even told us what shocked her the most about Tom's role as Stacee Jaxx. Rock of Ages rolls into theaters June 15.

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I was in a band back in 2002. We did the Viper Room in the House of Blues. He was full on. He was totally in it to win it and I love that. Well, Malin, I have to say first of all really enjoyed the film. But I had no idea that you could sing so well. Thank you. I mean, have you be working on this forever or is this something you just kind of do in your free time? Did you work on it for the movie? I well, we worked on it for the movie. We had a vocal coach. I had about, you know, I think it was about two or three weeks of vocal training, which was amazing. But I was in a band back in 2002, which is how I met my husband who's a drummer. And we kind of did the sunset trip we did the Viper Room and House of Blues and it was really great to have sort of a first hand look at, you know, the clubs and all that kind of stuff, but And that kind of rang true with your character I mean having that connection to- Exactly, yeah. Just being a big fan of music and... But yeah, I was never a trained singer it was all kind of self taught and then now it was amazing to have a vocal coach A coach. To tell you how to do it. So I know you worked with Katie Holmes in the past on the romantic so did you meet Tom then or when was the first time you met Tom? I did, yeah. I met him, you know, at that time, which I guess was almost two years ago now that I think about it. And it was kinda great to have known him for a little while before going in on this venture together, it's always nice to work with people that you know. And you two kinda have some racy scenes together. So I had to ask about that. So did you talk about it beforehand, or did you just jump into it, just get into character? Oh we did a lot of rehearsal, like choreographing the scene, how it was gonna go and, you know, the craziness of what was going on. And I think we reallythe point where we were doing, we wanted to make sure it was funny and sexy and grounded and I think Adam really is a great director in that sense because he really gets the right tone. I think I was just so shocked how far you guys pushed it but in like, you know, a kind of amazing way, you know? Yeah, it's crazy. Did Tom shock you at all? I mean, there's a lot of kissing and other things happening in the scenes. Were you like, oh, surprised, you know? Did he shock you? I think the most shocking for me was, well, one just his voice was incredible. I had no idea he could sing. And also, you know, he's got such a great sense of humor, and was so game for everything, you know? And that was kind of great that, I don't know, it wasn't really shocking I guess because he's just so, such a good actor and he does all these amazing character roles, but yeah, no, he was full on, he was totally in, we were both in it in it to win it, and I love that. So he pushed it as hard as he could and that pushed you as well? Yeah, totally, and Adam was just like, all right, let's go for it, let's just make it the best it can be. So, when I look at the projects you have going on, it seems like you have one movie coming out almost every month. You're like one of the busiest women in Hollywood. So, I mean, how do you keep everything so balanced? And I want to hear about what's going on next, what's your next big project? Well, I think the next project that I'm going to be filming is one actually, another music one. It's about CBGB, the club in New York, and all the artists that came through there. And so, I'm going to play Debbie Harry, Blondie. is one of the several amazing artists that came through CBGB. But other than that, I think you know there's a lot of independent films that I'm hoping will come out this year. One with Nick Cage called Stolen, another one with John Cusack called The Number Station. A lot of them are independent you know, they take 5 weeks to shoot so you have a lot more time to do more of them. Which is why it seems like there is so many. which is great, in a good way in a great way, yeah. But you know, a big movie like this takes about three to four months to shoot. It doesn't allow you to do as many films. Are you gonna have any free time this summer? Are you gonna be able to do anything fun? I am. I'm gonna go. My husband and I celebrate our five year anniversary, wedding anniversary, so we're gonna go to Italy which is where we got married, where he's from, and my family's gonna come down from Sweden and we're gonna spend be there to celebrate and enjoy

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