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Mariah Carey Reveals Post-Baby Body (Video)

Video: Mariah Carey Shows Off Her Postbaby Body!

Mariah Carey revealed her slim postbaby body at a Jenny Craig event this afternoon! Mariah was on The Rosie Show yesterday where she talked about her weight loss and motherhood, and we have the candid chat in today's PopSugar Rush.

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Hi there, I'm Lauren Bradshaw. New mom Mariah Carey is showing off her post-baby body in today's PopSugar Rush! Mariah Carey knows how to make an entrance! After teasing fans with a quick glimpse at her amazing abs in a mysterious ad released earlier this week, Mariah went on The Rosie Show yesterday to reveal her body after baby to the world. ROSIE: Mariah Carey, look at that body! PopSugar editor Lauren Turner is here with more on how the pop star got back into shape. Mariah gave birth to her twins, Morocco and Monroe, back in May, and since then she says she's lost 70 pounds total — forty of which was just water weight! She dropped the rest by doing the Jenny Craig program, and is now the company's newest spokesperson. MARIAH CAREY: I learned a lot being pregnant watching my body change, going why did I put so many mirrors in this house? I'm walking past these mirrors, I'm ready to die. Mariah joked about how hard it was to gain the pregnancy weight, but she acted like a very proud mom, and even showed off personal photos of Roc and Roe as she's nicknamed them. Mariah is revealing even more skin on US Weekly. She graces this week's cover looking fit in shorts and a tied shirt, where she tells the magazine: "I'm proud of how hard I worked to get my body back . . . I had to do this for me." Looking good, Mariah!

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