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Mary J. Blige Rock of Ages Interview (Video)

Mary J. Blige Dishes on Her Wild Rock of Ages Costumes and Julianne Hough

Mary J. Blige plays a club owner in the upcoming Rock of Ages, and the role meant the R&B star got to wear plenty of crazy '80s-inspired costumes. We sat down with Mary at a recent press day for the movie in LA to talk about her over-the-top wardrobe as well as her costars, including Julianne Hough. Rock of Ages arrives in theaters June 15.

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I read the script, fell in love with it, fell the love who Justice was. You know, you don't meet people that are real. You know and she was really, really a home girl. Well, Mary J., first starting off, I saw the film and it's fantastic I'm thinking your voice is stellar. I mean above and beyond. So tell me how you got involved with the process. Adam gave me the role. I met Adam about a year and a half ago at Jennifer Lopez' housewarming party out here in Los Angeles. And he was just hanging out with us, you know, this really nice, fun he got mad and was hangin out with us. You know, he said I'm gonna put you in a movie. He kept saying I'm gonna put you in a movie. We like yeah you know people say things. We like yeah whatever, we just love your company. just cool to be around. And then maybe like six months later, he called with the role. And that was it. That's how I got the and then I of course I read the script, fell in love with it, fell in love with who Justice was. Then I got my acting coach and then I started working on her to bring her to life. and the rest is Rock of Ages history. The rest is on the big screen. Yeah. So you have some of the best looks in the film fashion and hair. Oh, wow. I mean, like, beyond there's some crazy the look. What was you favorite look that you got to wear? Wow, my favorite look would have to be the beads, the braids and the beads, because it just such a throwback and I used to wear my hair like that as a kid, you know, so that was one of my fav - and the big curly hair, of course. That was my favorite, I think. So, a lot of 80s trends they're coming back right now, but is there anything you hope never comes back? Yeah, those gigantic shoulder pads. And there's something else that I'm like no, please, wait, wait, wait polka dots gigantic polka dots...but they're on.. they're on their way. Everything come back. Yeah! You see a lot of them with Julian so what is your first impression her inside I loved her right away. She was down to earth, relaxed. She was just refreshing. You know, you don't meet people that are real you know and she was really really a home girl. Really down to earth, funny and very helpful, very, very, helpful. She relaxed me cause I was nervous. getting in to acting more too. Yes. So do you have any upcoming roles or anything you're thinking about? There are a couple of things coming I'm going to do a Lifetime movie called Parallel Lives. and it's about the lives of Loretta Scott King and Betty Shebaz the woman behind, you know, the men that were out front. So you know that's cool and fun I'm about to go on tour I'm sure there's some movies, hopefully. You know, in the works. In the works. So we just had an album out from you last year. Do we have another one coming down the pipe? Yeah, there's another one coming. Any big duets or collaborations? I don't know. Probably not that many duets a lot of collaborations though on the other one. Anybody 'big" you're trying to land? I don't know, yeah, just trying to land their trying to land you. Exactly. So my last question for you is I know, you talked about Jennifer Lopez and being friends with her. So she's rumored to be leaving American Idol. Sure, I would definitely love to, you know, do a job like that. Absolutely.

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