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Matt Damon on The Bourne Legacy (Video)

Video: Matt Damon Opens Up About Mysterious Elysium and the New Bourne

There isn't a ton of information out about Matt Damon's upcoming movie, Elysium, so when he stopped by Comic-Con today, we asked him to enlighten us. Watch as Matt talks about his character and what attracted him to project — and then hear his thoughts on The Bourne Legacy and what he thinks about Jeremy Renner taking over the franchise!

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Yeah, I just play a guy, it takes place in the future. So Earth has become a third-world planet, and all of the culture rich have moved to this orbital habitat called Elysium, and we can see it from Earth. it's like up there and it just kinda hovers over Earth and everybody kind of aspires to get there. But we're not really invited to go. So, I'm just a guy who ends up, for one reason of another, needing to get to Elysium right away or he's gonna die, basically. It kind of follows. It's kind of an action, but it's a science fiction movie. Right. So a little bit of action from you in this? Yeah. A lot of action. And that really cool just kind of camp thing where the effects kind of marry into the real world in a way that you just don't question any of it. It's really pretty cool. Well, you obviously have an action background with Bourne and that movie's coming out in a little bit. Is it a little bittersweet to see it move on and would you ever come back and do a cameo if they continue with Jeremy Renner? Yeah I've always wanted to go do another one. There wasn't really any other reason I didn't do it other than we didn't have an idea of how to do it. Like we've been trying to figure it out for years. A couple writers have taken a crack at it, you know the studio obviously wanted to figure it out. But nobody could really nail it and we didn't want to commit to doing it until we knew that we could really do it in a way that made sense. So, no I don't blame them for trying to protect their their property by doing this other version. And I bet it's gonna be great. I mean, Renner's awesome. And I totally believe him in that world. He fits right in. And Tony's a really talented writer and director. So, I bet it's going to be really good. Yeah, I mean, I'm curious. I haven't read the script or anything but a bunch of the people who worked on the other ones worked on it. It should feel like the same thing, I would bet. Okay.

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