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Matt Damon Impersonating Matthew McConaughey Video

Video: Matt Damon Brings Back His Amazing Matthew McConaughey Impersonation

Matt Damon visited The Late Show With David Letterman, where he brought back his best Matthew McConaughey accent. Hear the spot-on impersonation in PopSugar Rush.

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Hey there, I'm Karli Bulnes. Matt Damon is back at it, channeling fellow Hollywood heartthrob Matthew McConaughey. Hear his spot on impersonation in PopSugar Rush. "Well if it stays balmy like this, on Christmas Eve I was thinking I would head over to your place and we could take our shirts off." It's Matt impersonating Matthew again! Mr. Damon visited The Late Show With David Letterman Tuesday, where he broke out his uncanny impression of Matthew McConaughey. The We Bought a Zoo star first unveiled his talent for taking on the famous Texan's southern drawl in 2006 during a stop at the late night talk show: "Today's scene I think would be a good opportunity to take my shirt off." Since then, David has urged Mr. Damon to delight the audience with his accent whenever he's a guest on the show. "I was thinking maybe later you and me after we took our shirts off could maybe email each other some pictures of our penises." Matt has said that he and Matthew knew each other before either one of them had made it in Hollywood and all his references to Matthew's shirtlessness is all in good fun.

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