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Matt Dillon Loves Being a Sex Symbol

Matt Dillon seems like he has been around forever. He did his first movie, Over the Edge, when he was only fourteen and he's had a steady film career ever since. After starring in films like The Outsiders and Tex he became a poster boy for the 80s. At the time he said he hated having that label placed upon him, but now that he's in his 40's he's ready to embrace it. Here's more:

QUESTION: You don't seem to have aged in twenty years. You look the same. Was there a period when you were getting type cast as the pretty boy and you couldn't get the meatier roles? Basically, do you hate being a pin up boy?

MATT DILLON: You know it's funny when I was younger I hated it. I hated being called a sex symbol. Now I love it! (Laughs) Bring it on! I don't think I really do look exactly the same.

QUESTION: You're a man now.

MATT DILLON: Exactly. I don't look exactly the same.

QUESTION: What is your secret for staying so young?

MATT DILLON: It's like a two fold thing. There's the physical stuff and then there's the internal stuff. For me, I try to physically stay in shape, and what I mean is that I'm not that consistent but you just don't let yourself go. Some people get to a certain point and they let themselves go.

Well, it doesn't look like Matt will be letting himself go anytime soon. Now if we can only get him back in those muscle shirts he used to wear in the 80s. So lame and yet so hot at the same time! For more pics just











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