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Matt Gets Naked and Dirty in The Good Shepherd

Matt may not like drawing attention to himself, but it must be hard when you have to get naked and wrestle in mud for your latest movie. So why have I not seen The Good Shepherd yet? Good question - clearly I need to check this movie out. In the film, Matt's character is initiated into the Yale secret society Skull & Bones through the naked mud wrestling ritual. Here's more:

"You go, you take off all your clothes, you get lathered up with mud and you wrestle," said Damon, who did it even though he's "36 years old and my naked wrestling days are over." The worst part? "It was cold. We shot it at Bronx City College in the basement in this room that they had redone, and it was wintertime and the big doors we needed to get the equipment in were open. It was demeaning enough to do the wrestling, but then all huddled and shivering."

Matt makes such sacrifices for his craft. Although when Robert DeNiro is directing and tells you to take your clothes off and roll around in the mud, I guess you'd better do it, you know? As for the complaining it was cold, well Matty, I must say you actually reminded me of George Costanza after he was caught leaving the pool. No need to make any excuses for us.


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