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Max Greenfield Talks Shirtless Scenes and Sticking With GOOP

In just one season, Max Greenfield turned New Girl's Schmidt into one of TV's most quotable characters, earning himself an Emmy nomination and legions of fans along the way. We caught up with the actor in Hollywood recently to chat about the awards attention, Schmidt's great one-liners, and how he handles all those shirtless scenes. Max also talked about working with Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler in the upcoming movie They Came Together, and his new Axe web series, Finding Susan Glenn. Max wrote and directed the online episodes and told us he has some pretty ambitious future filmmaking aspirations. Watch our interview here and catch Max on New Girl's season premiere tonight at 8/7 CT on Fox!

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Yes. I'd like to direct an epic about one of the wars. I don't know which war yet, but one of them. It's a lot of pressure to hit the gym because if you don't hit the gym, it doesn't you know, it doesn't pan out very well for anybody. Hey guys, Michelle here with Max Greenfield from the New Girl. Yes. How are you? I'm great, I'm especially great, we had some audio trouble just now. We did, that was my fault. Your necklace was sitting, your moth and then you said, "Maybe I should take the necklace off." And I thought, "I'm not into that." No ? Because I like this necklace. I'm glad. It was the first thing I noticed and I said "I don't want to do this interview without the necklace". Well congratulations on your Emmy nomination, that's huge. Thank you. So what was your first reaction when you found out about that? Excitement, disbelief a little. Really? and then later the belief kicks in and then you get excited again. That sounds like a roller coaster right there for you. And then And then you feel gratitude and then acceptance by the end of the day. Now, I have to own this. Yeah. I've done this. Well, going into the second season, do you think that's going to give you some more confidence? Or is that adding a little more pressure? We started the second season last week and I have, I honestly, It's just crazy that you kind of forget that you've been there for an emmy for the first three and you go "oh, I have to remember my lines". And then by day two, you're just so tired that you're just even know what an Emmy is. You have the best, most quotable, amazing one-liners. Is that all you? Is that the writers? Where are those coming from? That's all the writers. Okay. you know, we have a very collaborative set, the writers come down, and they pitch us a lot of lines, and so sometimes what might just seem like improv is just an in the moment kind the moment where the writer will say, hey say this, and then you kind of, it comes out of your mouth the best way that you can, you can Well, at least the closest to what they said within like the second you had to memorize it. Well, one thing the writers can't take credit for is you're shirtless quite a bit in this show. I don't know if you've noticed. No, they don't work out for me. OK. They don't work out, I do that on my own and thank you for noticing. You're welcome. Well, America noticed. So is that a lot of pressure to hit the gym? Right on, America. Is that pressure to hit the gym? Or or you just cool with it at this point. No, no, no. It's a lot of pressure to hit the gym, because if you don't hit the gym, it doesn't pan out very well for anybody. And then, all of sudden you're like, you know you get groggy and loafy and then you take off your shirt and you go hmmm. Like, oh, that's not what I thought I would look like. That's disappointing. Do you know anything about what's going to be happening with Shmidt and CeCe this season? A little bit. A little bit. You want to tease us? I think we might be starting this season where we started last season. OK. Where we might not be together and we might feel like we still want to revisit that situation. OK. but Schmidt needs to work on himself first. Well you're also staying extremely busy because you're also working on a film right now with Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler, how's that going? That is true. We finished that in August, just the beginning of August, and it was about as good of a and experiences I couldn't have imagined. What do they like to work with? unbelievable. I have learned so much, they were so great, I've had so much fun with him and experiences I couldn't have imagined. it was a very kind of independent film setting where we all were hanging out the whole time. Nobody was like stuck in their trailers or anything. We were all on set and it was as good as and even better than I had hoped it would be to work with two people who I had kind of admired for so long. Your Yeah. It's really crazy busy, how are you fitting all of this in? I don't know. I don't know. I literally don't know. It doesn't make any sense. I don't have an answer for you. it doesn't make any sense. So you actually just contributed to Gweneth Paltrow's website. Gweneth had sent out a tweet that she really was a fan of the show and I being a fan of her website, we connected and I said it would be really cool I'd love to write something for the site and she got very excited about it and said "you want to guest edit?" And we did and it came out really great, we were really happy with it. I think I'm gonna do another one pretty soon. Are you? Tell us a little bit about this Axe body spray campaign that you're working on. Yeah. This is a big deal. No, it's great. So Axe came to use and said "We've got this campaign called Susan Glenn." They had shared with me all this content that they had created and kind of a concept of behind it and i thought it was just great Susan Glenn is kind of a metaphor for like the girl that got away or the girl that you know you want to talk to, but you can't kind of muster the courage to do so. So dear computer video diary. As you know Melissa broke up with me six days ago, Im here to tell you i'm fine with it. And that piece of human garbage, Kent, that she cheated on me with, well turns out to be a pretty nice guy. I met him and he's quite lovely. And he had just put together this package and I thought what a great idea and they said "do you want to do anything with it?" and we pitched these six webisode ideas to them and they were really into it and they let me kind of write and direct them and we went off and made them and I think they came out really great and they're going to air, they're up today. Two of them are up today and they're going to be on the Axe Youtube page and on the Axe Facebook book page. And I could not more excited I think they came out really, really well. So are you an Axe body spray guy? Would Schmidt be? There actually is, if you look in Schmidt's room, there's some Axe body spray. I think on his counter. But it's there for sure. Okay. So directing? There was protein powder and condoms, I think. Nice. Very Schmitt. That's just the truth. Except where he puts it. So directing is that something that you're going to be doing some more of, Yes. I'd like to direct an epic about one of the wars. I dont know which war yet but one of them. Okay. Mostly just battlefield scene. I want to orchestrate a battlefield scene. Alright now are you gonna be in this as well are you gonna be starring on the battle field? No. Ok. No. Just behind the camera for this one. I'd like to put Jim Caviezel as the lead. I can see that. I want to see him in the battlefield fighting for fighting, leading an army. I can see that. You want to see that? I would love to see that, but we can't wait to see that. I can wait, I'm going to need several million dollars from some studio. Thats gonna be rough. Ya. But once that happens, There's gonna be a battlefield scene I can see it happening, i can see it happening. Yeah Hey, I like to direct the Battlefield's scene at Paramount and I'm sure they'll say yes. I'm sure. Who would say no to you? Making this town is nothing. Nothing you should know.

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