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McSteamy is Back for Good!

Just when you thought Grey's Anatomy couldn't get any better, we get some fabulous news to kick off your Monday. Dr. McSteamy, aka hot Dr. Mark Sloan who Addison cheated on Derek with, is joining the cast as a regular character. We couldn't be more thrilled! Here's more:

The fresh meat got his nickname when the ladies spied him stitching up his own face after Patrick Dempsey's Dr. Derek Shepherd spied him flirting with Meredith and let him have it.

(Mark is a bad boy, having carried on an affair with Derek's wife, Addison, prompting the Shepherds' cross-country move to Seattle from New York. And Addison didn't seem too unhappy when he showed up in her neonatal unit last season, if you catch our drift.)

Dane most recently played Multiple Man in X-Men: The Last Stand and before that had a recurring stint as Phoebe's boyfriend Jason on Charmed. The actor is married to Rebecca Gayheart, who's currently tracking down scoops as an intrepid reporter on Fox's Vanished.

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