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Meghan Markle Suits Midseason Finale Interview | Video

Meghan Markle on Suits' Love Triangle and How Robert Pattinson Should Mend a Broken Heart

Suits, USA's legal dramedy, has its midseason Summer finale tonight. We recently had the chance to catch up with star Meghan Markle, who plays paralegal Rachel Zane. She shared details about her onscreen romance with Patrick Adams's character, Mike Ross, as well as what the future holds for the on-again, off-again couple. Things may be complicated for Mike and Rachel, but in real life, Meghan's got dating advice for her Remember Me costar Robert Pattinson. Check out the video to see what Meghan has to say before Suits airs tonight on USA at 10/9 Central.

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They do throw in a foil of yet another girl for the love triangle. I always like in college to work on the US Embassy or yeah. Hey guys, it's Katie from PopSugar, and we're on location today at the W Hotel in West Los Angeles and I'm joined by Meghan Markle on Suits. Hi. How's it going? It's great, how are you? Good. So I really want to talk about Suits, and I know you guys are in season 2, but tell me a little bit about you character Rachel. Rachel Zane is a paralegal, which we all know. But I think when we first meet her in season one, what's so interesting about her is that she's sort of jaded and used to these hot shot associates who come into the firm. And so in that first moment when she meets Mike Ross, you really assume that she's going to have the same relationship him as all the rest of them. And so, she's ambitious . She's desperately trying to pass the bar, so that she can become a lawyer. And really over season two we get to see that she has a nice romantic connection with Mike but also her own personal aspirations. So I love playing her. So did you and Patrick do a so you read before you [xx] with the role.Yea when [xx] for the role Patric and I read together and once i knew he was casting my I was so excited because Patrick and I had done a pilot together, maybe five years ago, for a different network with Catherine O'Hara In that one we were cast as I was a very wealthy girl he had a crush on. So television sees us a certain way, but I knew that our on camera chemistry good and so my fingers were crossed after the test but I had a good feeling about it. I was thrilled when I got it. It's just kind of destined to be this way with you two. I guess so! Earlier this season we thought you went back in time five years. Yeah. What were you doing five years ago? Me, personally? Personally. What where you doing professionally? Oh gosh 5 years ago, I had just started acting. I had double majors at Northwestern, International relations, and I always thought I'de work in politics I been working for the US embassy in Argentina and I just ended up at a party actually very close to hear when a friend of mine gave a student film that i have done to a manger and he said, "You're gonna make money and I want to take 10%. I think you should stay in LA." And I did and so that was really like five, six years ago, I was auditioning so. Oh, I'm so thrilled. She's not gonna audition anymore. Did you have the bangs back then five years ago? I did not have the bangs and I'm glad that we clipped those in for that episodes that I know that is a look I should never rock. Leave it in the past. Yeah. No, no, no. So we're leaning into kind of this summer finale Yeah. And things are really getting intense for Rachel and Mike. So could you tell us a little bit of what maybe we can expect when the show returns in January. Or what's going to happen. Maybe that would be as a cliffhanger in the mid-season finale. Yeah without revealing too much? Which obviously I can't. I will say that season 2, Mike and Rachel in many ways. Rachel is just put through the wringer, because she has opened herself up so much, and I think us girls, we know this. When we make ourselves vulnerable to a guy and he just sort of Walked over you. Walked over you. So I am hoping that if things don't go as Rachel plans with the love of Mike Ross, that at least she gets a little backbone back. And I think you might see some of that in the rest of the season. Also they do throw in a foil of yet another girl for the love triangle. Oh. With Mike and Rachel. It's not Jenny. Interesting. Yeah. So, we'll have to wait and see. You guys seem like such a close knit cast and like a big family, so everybody kind of has like the comedian in the family or like the mother figure, so tell me about everybody and what their roles are as a family on set. Completely. We are so close. It's the biggest blessing, right? To work on a show where you just love the people you're with every day, especially when you're working 17 hours some days right? Yes. Comedian is an easy one and I'm sure you can guess. It's Rick Hoffman who plays Louis Litt. He's really like my big brother off camera, but he's so funny. Gabriel is like, who would he be in the family? He's so calm. He's like the vegan who wears linen and he's nothing like Harvey Spector. He's like the cool older brother. Yeah, he's just cool. He has great advice. Patrick is absolutely like my brother and Sarah Rafferty who plays Donna is just the most incredible woman. She and Gina both are like mama bear on set. They just make sure everything is going according to plan and they give me such great advise not just on acting, but on being a wife, a mom one day like all those great things. But I know you just took a personal vacation. I did. So it must be great to take a little time away from the set. So tell me about that. Yeah, we're on Hiatus right now. So we had two weeks to go do whatever we wanted. In the end, it was third week for us in LA. So, for those two weeks, I went to Croatia to the Dalmatian Islands, which are right in the Adriatic Sea between Italy and Croatia. It was unbelievable and with my love of food, much like Rachel Zane, it was a pretty spectacular place to be because the seafood is the freshest. The wine is wonderful and yeah. So, I wanna switch gears and talk about Rachel's fashion Yeah. And your personal fashion. I love what you're wearing right now. Thank you. So her style is a very chic It seems very New York but it's also very sophisticated. Do you have any play into what she wears on the show? Oh, absolutely. We've really conceived Rachel in this way that everything that she wears should look polish, should look like she comes from money but also, she loves fashion. So it's not just gonna be a cookie cutter. So she wears a lot of younger designers. There's a lot of Zac Posen. The shoes are obviously always great. But one choice that we did make is most of the jewelry that I wear for Rachel is my own personal jewelry, so that it just feels like I'm dressing myself as though you're in your own closet. But also, Julie, our incredible wardrobe designer, had a feeling that if Rachael comes from money she wants things to be like heirlooms. So I wear like a signet ring that I've had for a long time, or I wear my grandmother's charm bracelet. I wore this on the show a lot and this watch. It's a lot of actresses tell us they learn some really great tips when they're on set from their hair and makeup artists Yeah. So is there anything you've learned that you take with you in your daily life or your daily routine? Oh man, the power of concealer which you know, I think especially with the hours that we work is pretty brutal but when I have things like this and when I'm in LA, I work with Spencer Barnes a lot who's amazing and always like highlight and the contour. And just knowing your angles. And of course hydrating is the biggest secret. I know you had a small role in Remember Me a couple years ago. Yeah. And everybody's talking about Rob and Kristen in the news, but we're gonna let them sort out their personal life. But what would you say is the best thing to get over a breakup? Oh gosh. If you're giving this. It's so hard. I know right. The best thing to get over a break up. See here's what's bad is that you're asking my girl friend, they would always say the best way to get, I'm sure you've heard this. Yeah. Of course. The best way to get over one guy is to meet another. Yeah, right. My mom always said, though, like, and I soft of love this analogy, she's like, "But when your heart breaks, it's just open up for more love." Oh, I like that. Hopefully Mike and Rachel can get to that good spot where they are ready to open up for more love. We're ready for it. be nice, I've gotta say on a personally girly level I read it and I just go what are you doing? She's right there for you, but who knows. I mean I think that's part of the fun on this show. If we're going to be fortunate enough to have several seasons, than it'll be great. We can just see how it can continue to push and pull. Be sure to tune in to Suits tonight at 10:00 P.M. on USA for the summer finale. Thanks for watching, I'm Katie for PopSugar T.V.

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