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Michael Phelps Girlfriend Megan Rossee (Video)

Video: Who Is Megan Rossee? 5 Fun Facts About Michael Phelps's Girlfriend

Michael Phelps made his first public appearance with his girlfriend at a Speedo event last night, and now everyone wants to know who she is! We're breaking down five things you should know about Megan Rossee, from how serious she is about the Olympic star to her own athletic background, in this PopSugar Rush.

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Michael Phelps debuts his girlfriend on the red carpet, but who is she? Hey there, I'm Lauren Bradshaw, and joining me is PopSugar editor Lauren Turner. Hi. We're telling you five things you need to know about the woman on Michael's arm in this PopSugar Rush. Michael Phelps arrived to a red carpet event last night in London for Speedo with a very gorgeous blonde by his side that has people buzzing today. So let's start by breaking down the basics. I mean, what do we know about this girl? Well, her name is Megan Rossee, she's a 5'9 model and her website says that she has experience in high fashion, print and runway, but good luck getting there today because her site is actually down, there's been so much interest in her. She and Michael partied in London over the weekend, but last night was their first official time together on the red carpet as a couple. Okay, so first official outing for them. How long have they been dating, do we know? It's reportedly been about five months. They met in Vegas at a night club where she was a cocktail waitress, but we haven't really heard much about her up until this point. But it really doesn't seem like they're trying to keep it a secret She's been entering pictures of herself with Michael, tweeting about how much she misses him, so it's not like they're trying to hide anything. Well it sounds like they're kind of serious. What do you think? Are they serious? Well, you know, we do know that she's met Michael's mom. They were in the stands together at one of Michael's competitions. And it looks like she's putting her modeling on hold for him on her model profile on model mayhem says that shes only taking specific jobs because she is so busy this summer. Right, well that's understandable. She's at the Olympics so of course she's busy. She's a model she met his mom, anything else you think is important to know about her? Well, it looks like she has an athletic background. She apparently played soccer in college and Instagramed a picture it's not the uniform. Okay, well you probably have to be at least a little bit athletic, I would think, to date Michael Phelps. Yes, I would think so. Okay, thanks a lot for filling us in. Thanks. And we'll continue to bring you more on the summer's Olympics games and the athletes so keep checking back to popsugar TV. I'm Lauren Bradshaw and we'll see you next time on Popusugar Rush.

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